These 'Bachelor' Finale Memes Are The Best Thing To Come Out Of Last Night's Cringefest

These 'Bachelor' Finale Memes Are The Best Thing To Come Out Of Last Night's Cringefest

The TV portion of Peter Weber’s journey to find love on The Bachelor has finally, blessedly wrapped up. And, while it’s clear he and Madison Prewett have a long and rocky road ahead of them, the newly reunited couple seem happy together.

ICYMI: On Tuesday night’s part two of the Bachelor finale, Pilot Pete got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, only to later break up with her because he still had feelings for Madison (and wanted to get closure with Hannah Brown???). Bachelor host Chris Harrison tracked Madison down, told her Peter still had feelings for her, and she went to see him in Los Angeles. There, she said she was still in love with Peter, and they rekindled their romance.

Fast forward to the “After The Final Rose” special, and Peter’s family, especially his mom Barbara and dad Peter Sr., made it pretty stinking clear that they’re not happy about Pete’s choice RN. (They’re mainly worried that conservative Madi will try to change Peter, and that Peter will have to make too many sacrifices for his girlfriend.) Barb came out with some pretty choice words about Madi and, at one point, she whispered something to Peter Sr. in Spanish before he also expressed a similar viewpoint.

Now, Peter and Madi can work on building a real relationship without cameras constantly tracking their every move. Still, people have some serious thoughts and feelings about the whole thing. Of course, those thoughts and feelings were expressed in—what else?—some pretty hilarious and savage memes.

Here are the best Bachelor finale memes on Twitter right now to help make sure at least something good came out of this turbulent season:


Barb to Peter Sr when he was asked if he had anything to say



You know Hannah Ann’s dad is somewhere out there throwing axes at a Peter target. #TheBachelor


since the bachelor is topical tn I want to share a meme I made


THIS POPPED UP ON MY FEED AND I CACKLED. I haven’t seen a single episode of the bachelor but yalls posts and memes are enough to keep me interested 🤣


Good morning to everyone except Barb #TheBachelor


I get that Barb want the best for her son, but my goodness, I never experienced first hand embarrassment for someone. Sorry to break the news to you Barb, you are not Bachelor. 🤡Time to butt out Barb. #TheBachelor


They say 8 years in the presidency takes a toll on a person… they have no idea what 8 weeks on the bachelor does#TheBachelor


Me trying to see the faults Barb sees in Madi #TheBachelor


Well at least we now know who was the true villain of this season #TheBachelor


Kris Jenner works hard, but Chris Harrison works harder #TheBachelor #Bachelor2020


Kelley, Kelsey, and Victoria F realizing they don’t have to deal with Barb as their future mother in law #TheBachelor


Good night & sweet dreams everyone!

Except Peter’s mom, Barb! #TheBachelor


Me enjoying my morning coffee reading all the tweets dragging Peter and Barb #TheBachelor


Barb/ “ He’s going to have to fail to succeed”
Bachelor Nation:


I just love how Barb tried to make it sound like she was “getting love in her DM’s.” 1)Nobody says that
2)Nobody says that #TheBachelor


Madison showing up to Easter Dinner at the Weber’s with something special. #TheBachelorFinale #thebachelor

Now, on to The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise!

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