These are the top sexual fantasies in the UK

These are the top sexual fantasies in the UK

Have you ever thought to yourself: it would be nice to have sex with Connell from Normal People?

(Yeah, us too).

According to a new survey about sexual fantasies, one in 20 Brits have masturbated while imagining themselves getting freaky with a fictional character.

But not just the imaginary – some are wanking over actual world leaders, too (3.1%).

These saucy facts come courtesy of sex toy brand Lelo, which has just released a list of all the naughty – and in some cases, surprising – things that get us going in the sack.

One of the most unusual items on the list is speeches.

It turns out that 2.4% of the 2,000 participants, aged 18 and over, like to watch dramatic lectures while touching themselves – though the research doesn’t specify which kind of speeches are best.

So really, it could be anything from a political talk to an acceptance speech at the Grammys or Oscars.

After all, one in 10 people have masturbated while thinking about a famous actor or actress.

One of the most common fantasies is imagining yourself with someone you already know (15.8%), such as a colleague (6.1%).

The latter doesn’t always remain a fantasy though, as just last year, people told us all about the times they’ve had sex with colleagues.

The uniform kink is all the rage, too – with Lelo investigating which professions are most likely to feature in dirty thoughts.

From the looks of it, people are still into public servants (the classics such as fire fighters and police officers).

But there are some surprising entries too – delivery drivers and supermarket workers – which may have been inspired by important contributions during lockdown.

Here’s the shortlist, in order of sexiness:

‘Our fantasies can stretch as far as our imagination can take us, and curiosity about fictional characters is not uncommon,’ said Kate Moyle, sex and relationship expert at Lelo.

‘Fictional characters are created and designed to connect with us in some way, and for us to be interested in.

‘We invest in shows and films and give it our attention, and this is most often based around the people in it.

‘Even though we know that they are not real people, we relate to them and a part of this may be sexually, or by being sexually interested.

‘Fantasy may also involve people that we wouldn’t be sexually attracted to or interested in in real life, but our fantasies don’t always have to be something that we would want to act out in reality; we may only want to explore them with the safety and control of our imagination.’

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