‘The Voice’: Reagan Strange Raves Over Coach Adam & Reveals How She Got Through DeAndre Controversy

‘The Voice’: Reagan Strange Raves Over Coach Adam & Reveals How She Got Through DeAndre Controversy

Reagan Strange has tried her hardest to shut out any negativity involving the drama with DeAndre Nico’s elimination. She explains how she ‘pushed through’ her toughest week on ‘The Voice’ with the help of Coach Adam Levine!

Reagan Strange, 14, dealt with a tough illness that kept her out of the competition and near elimination during last week’s episode of The Voice. Then, she was forced to face negativity from online critics when her coach, Adam Levine, 39, seemingly campaigned for only her, above his other artist DeAndre Nico, who fell in the bottom three with her. As you may know, Reagan managed to escape elimination despite not performing because she was sick. And, when DeAndre was eliminated, it sparked major controversy that Adam had “favored” one over the other. Now, Reagan’s tuning out the negativity as she heads into the show’s season 15 finale!

“I have tried not to pay attention to all the negative stuff,” she told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY at the show’s Semifinals on December 10. “I have tried with all my heart to push through it and pay attention to all the positive and just rest. Regardless of what happened from the week before I can continue on and continue with the show and I just have to work my hardest and be ready,” she continued.

At the end of The Voice‘s Semifinals episode (December 10), Adam, who rarely spoke throughout the episode, praised Reagan and urged fans to vote for her. He stuck by his original words, that she deserves to be in the competition. And, after the episode completed, Reagan returned the favor and praised her supportive coach.

“Yeah Adam is just an incredible guy. He has given up everything to support me and help me out through this journey throughout the show,” she told us of Adam’s undeniable support during the controversy with DeAndre, who she is still very close with. “That really means a lot to me, and I for sure would not be here without him as my coach!”

Although there was apparent tension between DeAndre and Adam, both men came forward to admit that there is no bad blood. Adam addressed the situation during last night’s Semifinals, telling Reagan that it was a “weird week” when DeAndre was eliminated. However, he admitted “DeAndre’s my boy, I love him, we talked,” during the episode.

Following his elimination, DeAndre said that he was just fine with the results, despite how things went down. “I don’t care… The reason why I don’t care is because my life is set — if I win or not. It’s not even a competition. It’s not a competition bro. I am top ten,” DeAndre told HollywoodLife.com. “It seemed that after spending so many weeks on The Voice, the Texas native was ready to head home. “I’m ready… I’m ready to be done with this,” DeAndre said. “The busyness. I love what we do. You know, this is cool man. We come to visit ya’ll and we get to meet people like you. And we get to sing to the whole world so that is an amazing feeling…”

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