The top 20 things that make Brits feel beautiful include new hairdos

The top 20 things that make Brits feel beautiful include new hairdos

The top things that make adults feel beautiful are getting a haircut, putting on a nice outfit and having freshly washed locks, according to a study.

A poll of 2,000 Brits revealed being out in the sun, wearing a nice fragrance and doing exercise makes them feel attractive.

Men feel at their best after getting a trim (31 percent) and having a bath or shower (27 percent) while women do so after putting on a favourite outfit and washing their hair (both 38 percent).

But overall, 78 percent of adults think beauty is more about how the individual feels than how they look.

Other things that make people feel gorgeous included eating a ‘clean’ diet, being intimate with a partner and receiving compliments.

The research was commissioned by The Trafford Centre, whose spokesperson said: “Everyone’s definition of beauty is different.”

“For some, it’s a physical thing – if we’re having a good hair day, or we think our skin’s really glowing on a given day.

“For others, it comes from within, and if we feel healthy and good about ourselves inside, it will show on the exterior.”

The study also found 55 percent of adults follow a beauty regime – where they do the same things every day to maintain their appearance.

While 66 percent of women have a set routine, this drops to 41 percent of men, although they take a minute longer, on average, to complete theirs (17 minutes), than females.

It also emerged most of those who let beauty inspiration find it among their friends (18 percent), while 16 percent turn to Instagram and 15 percent watch TV.

But when it comes to beauty hang-ups, 52 percent have found grey hairs, while 44 percent have suffered from dry skin.

Others have had spots (42 percent), dry hands (40 percent) or wrinkles (34 percent).

As a result, 65 percent admit to feeling self-conscious when being photographed in case they don’t like how they look.

Of those who wear makeup, they’d let a new relationship run for just under five weeks before they let their significant other see them totally makeup free.

And four in 10 women admit they sometimes sleep with their makeup on, which can lead to skin issues.

But 73 percent believe attitudes towards men’s skincare have become more tolerant and inclusive, according to the OnePoll research.

The Trafford Centre’s spokesperson added: “It’s really interesting to look at this information in terms of how men and women see beauty.

“As little as a decade ago, men taking care of their skin or having a ‘beauty regime’ might have been mocked, but now it is far more accepted.

“It’s not that long ago that terms such as ‘metrosexual’ were used pejoratively towards men, so it’s good to see attitudes changing.”

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