The Philips Lumea IPL Prestige is on sale for its lowest price EVER

The Philips Lumea IPL Prestige is on sale for its lowest price EVER

Smooth skin from head to toe: The Philips Lumea IPL Prestige at-home hair removal device is at its LOWEST price ever in the Amazon End of Summer Sale

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Amazon shoppers are getting ‘amazing results’ thanks to one IPL device that promises up to six months of hair-free smoothness – and it’s currently on sale for its lowest price ever.

The Philips Lumea IPL Prestige has been reduced by a huge £114 in the Amazon End of Summer Sale, now just £284.99 (was £399).

Removing unwanted hair from your underarms, bikini line, body or face with long-lasting results, shoppers have hailed it ‘just incredible’, raving how it gives ‘game-changing’ results in just a few uses. 

The Philips Lumea IPL Prestige uses intense pulsed light to destroy hair follicles, breaking the cycle of unwanted hair regrowth. 

It can be used once every two weeks for full-body hair removal. It comes with two different-sized treatment caps for the body, face, bikini, and underarms, helping you target those hard-to-reach areas. 

If you’re fed up with constantly shaving but are cautious of the expense of salon laser treatments, then according to hundreds of impressed shoppers, the Philips Lumea IPL Prestige could be a brilliant compromise. 

Shoppers have described the Philips Lumea Prestige as ‘the best investment they’ve made’, ‘a life saver for summer’ and ‘some of the best money I have spent’, with some users reporting ‘a visible difference after three sessions’.

If you want to remove hair for longer periods of time, laser hair removal using an IPL device could give you the results you want from the comfort from your own home.

The Philips Lumea at-home device works similarly to in-salon treatments but uses lower energy levels. Using intense pulsed light (IPL), the device glides over your skin to destroy hair follicles and stop hair regrowth for up to six months. 

The treatment gets to work fast, with the brand recommending to treat the areas only every two weeks for the first six weeks (vs weekly of other brands), then touching up monthly to maintain the results. 

And shoppers have been largely bowled over by the results, with many noting how hair is left ‘much finer/ reduced’ and with a significant reduction in irritated skin. 

To use, place or slide the device on the areas you want to ‘zap’ by holding down the flash button. The device’s sensor will identify which of the five power settings is right for your skin tone. And after the flash, you move on

One shopper left a rave review for the Philips Lumea IPL Prestige, writing: ‘I have mainly been using it on my legs and underarms, and the results so far are exceptional. 

‘My legs grow thick brown hairs, and when I shave using a razor, they usually grow back within two days. However, after a few treatments using the Lumea, the hairs are hardly growing back at all, and my skin remains smooth and stubble free!’.

Another agreed, also reporting ‘amazing results!’. They wrote: ‘Have suffered for years since my teens with thick growth on my legs battled with shaving and epilating waxing for a long time.’

A third reviewer agreed, writing: ‘Don’t walk, RUN to buy this! Bought this after it was constantly recommended on ladies’ chat groups and have it a go — I NOTICED RESULTS AFTER 2nd USE!!! WOWWW.

‘Literally on my 4th treatment now and hair growth back is extremely slow. Haven’t shaved for like 2 or 3 weeks now. Hair on my thighs are like non-existent. My strawberry legs are GONE. Amazing!’

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