The most common relationship dreams and what they mean

The most common relationship dreams and what they mean

Do you ever dream about that special someone?

Maybe you’re getting married to your secret crush, or your long-term beau is cheating on you.

We’ve all woken up before wondering whether what we saw in our dreams, might affect our waking hours.

From sex dreams to meeting up with an ex, relationship dreams aren’t unusual.

Research by found that the most common dream was about getting pregnant – which was searched nearly 9,000 times in just one month.

But what does these night visions mean?

Paul Frederic, an expert at has given us his insight.

Getting pregnant

The meaning of this dream is actually quite beautiful.

Dreaming of having a baby is related to having new ideas and creations in your life, while the partner’s role in the dream is to help build and nurture those ‘new ideas’.

Who doesn’t love a burst of creativity and a supportive partner?

Getting married

This dream could signify that you are getting very close to your current partner, as you start thinking about doing more things together, rather than separately.

It signifies the stronger connection as a couple, and your commitment and dedication to each other.

Dreaming about your ex

This one could mean one of two things.

One on hand, such dreams might mean you’re processing the break up that you had and moving on from that past relationship.

Go you!

Or unfortunately they could indicate there’s a part of yourself you’re not really happy with. But, use this dream as a reminder that it’s time to make some steps toward becoming a bit happier in your own skin.


Having a sex dream is probably the dream you hope you’ll have when you fall asleep.

Having this dream can mean that there are some sexual desires you have not shared with your partner, but would love to experience.

This type of dream can also create a deeper bond between the two of you, as they are the object of your desire above the physical world.

Now that’s a sign of a good relationship.

Getting engaged

This dream can indicate that you are getting very close to your current partner, as you start thinking about doing more things together than separately.

It points to possible changes in the relationship and a desire for a deeper commitment.

This could be your sign to pop the question…

Breaking up

Don’t panic. This dream isn’t as foreboding as it sounds.

While you might wake up with a terrible feeling, this dream usually has a positive connotation behind it.

It means you are taking the next step in your relationship, an ending in a way and the beginning of something new and exciting, which could be buying a house, getting married or something as simple as saying ‘I love you’ for the first time.

Your partner cheating

A dream like that usually means you have insecurities, which you need to pinpoint.

In some cases, these dreams can also mean there is a third person in the picture that you fear can bring danger to your relationship.

Feeling neglected by your partner, having a fear of abandonment or feeling insecure are other potential meanings.

Cheating on your partner

If you’re the one cheating in the dream it doesn’t mean that you are attracted to someone else.

This dream, in fact, is usually not linked to cheating in a romantic way at all.

Such dreams usually signify that you feel guilty about neglecting your partner in a certain situation, like being too busy with work and you feel like you need to make up for it.

Your partner dying

This is perhaps the dream you should be most concerned about having.

Such dreams could signal a fear of losing your partner or ending the relationship.

Maybe you see that as a good thing, maybe you see it as a bad thing.

It could also mean that you have noticed your partner has changed and that makes you anxious.

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