The House Where Aaron Carter Died Sells For Nearly $1 Million After Bathroom Remodel

The House Where Aaron Carter Died Sells For Nearly $1 Million After Bathroom Remodel

The home in which Aaron Carter died has sold after the bathroom – the place he was found deceased – was completely remodeled.

According to a report by TMZ, the house sold for $765,000, which was nearly $100,000 under the original asking price. The home was initially put on the market in April for nearly $850,000. But apparently the home’s sad history detracted a buyer until recently.

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Sources told the publication that the “bathroom got a big facelift,” but so far no images of the remodel have been publicly shared.

Aaron originally bought the house in 2014 for $430,000, but put it on the market a month before his untimely death. It features 7 bedrooms, an outdoor pool with jacuzzi, and 4 car garage.

The home was part of a probate sale, which happens when assets are sold or divided between heirs. Aaron passed away without a will, so his estate was negotiated between his family.

Aaron left behind an infant son, Prince, who was only a few months old when the former Disney star passed away. Aaron shared his son with his fiancé Melanie Martinez.

Upon his death, there were reports that Aaron’s family was contesting Melanie’s desire for Prince to inherit his father’s estate. “The family is fighting her, it’s a mess,” a source told The U.S. Sun, calling it “real drama.”

However, Aaron’s family went on to deny claim they were challenging Prince’s inheritance. Speaking to TMZ, his mother Jane Carter said, “[Everyone] thinks Aaron would’ve wanted everything to go to his son, and the family doesn’t need the money.”

At the time of Aaron’s death in November 2022, the singer didn’t have custody of his infant son. Both he and Melanie lost custody a few months before his death amid various accusations of domestic abuse and drug addiction.

Aaron said he was taking all the steps necessary to win custody back. “It’s an abstinence program and I work with an individual counselor,” he explained shortly before his passing. “I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes. I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things.”

The couple’s son was reportedly in the care of Melanie’s mother at the time of Aaron’s death, but Melanie has since regained custody.

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