The Haus aperitif sampler is finally in stock after selling out 4 times

The Haus aperitif sampler is finally in stock after selling out 4 times

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Bars are so 2019, but fancy cocktails at home? Those are very much in style for 2021.

So much so that Haus, a stylish and tasty low-ABV spirits brand, has sold out of their $40 sampler kit not once or twice but a whopping four times since it was launched last year. Lucky for you, the sought-after sampler is back online starting April 5. We can’t say how long supplies will last, so order now so you can sip later with no regrets.

If the hype or the insanely aesthetically pleasing glass bottles didn’t grab you right away, the flavor combinations surely will. The sampler kit comes with your choice of four 200ml bottles from the following seven flavors that touch on every taste from sweet to sour, bitter to spicy. The full line-up includes Grapefruit Jalapeño, Lemon Lavender, Rose Rosé, Bitter Clove, Citrus Flower, Spiced Cherry and Ginger Yuzu.

Drink the concoctions on the rocks for a light buzz or add some suggested mixers, such as soda water or prosecco.

Should you get hooked and want something larger than the 200ml sample-sized bottle, they also sell full-sized Haus at 750mL for $35 per bottle. For true Haus fans, there is also a membership program that gives you free shipping on orders as small as just one bottle, as well as members-only pricing up to 20% off your order and exclusive access to other perks like new product launches and events. The best part of the membership is that it’s free to join and the discounts start immediately, so in other words, just in time for happy hour.

Back to the sampler kit, when curating your box you can opt to go with the Haus favorites that include Citrus Flower, which is a springtime fave with bright lemon, elderflower and cinnamon, a refreshing summer Lemon Lavender, the best-selling floral Rose Rosé and a warm, herbal Bitter Clove to round out the set.

If you want to embrace your inner mixologist and craft your own box, you can also swap out any of the above for something more your taste from the remaining three flavors. Try the newest spicy and sweet Grapefruit Jalapeño or another tangy option like Ginger Yuzu, made with yuzu, ginger, Rooibos tea and lemongrass. Spiced Cherry is a crowd-pleaser as well, with cherry, anise seed, Tellicherry pepper and cocoa nibs, perfect for a chillier spring night mixed with some dark liquor.

Whatever you choose, just don’t take too long as the sampler kit is slated to sell out just as quickly as the last time… and the time before that, and the time before that… and the time before that.

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