The concealer cheats for a more youthful complexion

The concealer cheats for a more youthful complexion

Who needs Botox? Celebrity make-up artist reveals how to take YEARS off your face using just concealer

  • Ariane Pool, from London, has worked in the industry for over four decades
  • She said to get perfect colour match, test concealer on the skin on your throat
  • Highlighting concealers contain photo reflective particles which blurs fine lines

An international celebrity make-up artist who counts the Duchess of York amongst her fans has shared her secrets to cheating your way to younger looking skin – using just concealer.

Ariane Pool, from London, has worked with some of the biggest names in the world; from royalty to renowned photographers like Mario Testino and David Bailey to her A-list clientele like Penelope Cruz, Christy Turlington and Rachel Weisz.

She boasts a royal fan base too, including Lady Gabriella Windsor and even created a make-up ‘how-to’ for the late Princess Diana.   

The renowned beauty artist, who has been at the top of her game for over four decades and has even launched her own beauty range Ariana Cosmetics, has revealed her top concealer cheats for a rested complexion. 

International celebrity make-up artist Ariane Pool, from London, has revealed her tips to creating a more youthful complexion. These include tilting your head backwards before applying to dark circles, and testing the colour of the concealer on the skin on your throat

Slack Skin/ Laughter Lines

‘If slack skin around your mouth and laughter lines are a concern of yours then you can use concealer to temporarily blur and lift the area. 

Using a highlighting concealer which contains photo reflective particles to diffuse light, apply in small horizontal lines all the way down your smile lines – starting from the corner of the nose to the base of the chin. 

Blending the concealer with your fingers, use light feathering motions, brushing upwards and outwards. The light reflection blurs fine lines and provides a lifting effect, like you’ve had temporary filler.’

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Dark Circles

‘As we age the prominence of dark circles increases which can give a sallow, sunken, tired appearance to the face. To successfully conceal dark circles tilt your head downwards and look straight into the mirror. 

‘This is important to highlight where you need to place your concealer as dark circles do not stem from your eye but rather the bone that sits just below.’

‘So in order to target dark circles you need to go much lower than most people assume, generally speaking your concealer should sit at the top of the orbital bone (bone underneath your eyes) and roughly half way down your nose.’

Ariane has worked with some of the biggest names in the world – including Penelope Cruz, Rachel Weisz and the Duchess of York

‘Use a light patting motion with your fingers to blend your concealer – rubbing will drag and pull the delicate skin. 

‘If your dark circles are strong in colour, I would suggest first using a yellow-based creamy concealer which works brilliantly to counteract high colour – whether that’s redness, dark circles or blemishes.’

‘Then using a highlighting concealer apply light strokes along the top of your orbital bone – from the inner to the outside corner of your eye.’

Tired/ Droopy Eyes

‘Whether you’re going out in the evening or you want a no make-up, make-up look, this concealer trick works to lift and brighten the eyes.’

‘Apply a highlighting concealer in a diagonal line from the base of the lashes upwards past the outer corner of your eyebrows. This will brighten and lighten the area for lifted, wide-awake eyes.’


‘When applying your concealer, especially around the eye area, you want to use very light layers and blend very gently.’

‘I like using my fingers as the heat warms up the product so it blends beautifully on the skin. You can always add more so start light and build.

To brighten your eyes, Ariane explained you should apply a highlighting concealer in a diagonal line from the base of the lashes upwards past the outer corner of your eyebrows


‘A very common concealer mistake I see is women using the wrong shade. If it’s too light for your skin tone, it can leave you looking grey or chalky which actually ages you as it draws attention to the fine lines, wrinkles and the areas you’re trying to conceal.’

‘If it’s too dark you’ll end up looking like a patchwork quilt. This is exactly the reason I created my Concealer Palette, which is made up of three different shades of yellow based creamy concealers.’

‘Whether it’s different seasons, holidays, fake tan or illness, our skin colour isn’t the same all year round and this palette allows you to customise and blend the perfect shade for your skin.’

‘If you struggle to colour match your concealer try testing it out on the skin on your throat. This is the most similar in skin tone, texture and colour to that on our face.’ 

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