‘The Challenge’ Reunion Pt. 2: Britni Slams Brad For How He Ended Their Relationship & More

‘The Challenge’ Reunion Pt. 2: Britni Slams Brad For How He Ended Their Relationship & More

Part two of ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ reunion is jam-packed with just as much drama as last week’s episode — from a Bananas and Devin showdown, to Britni showing up and going off on Brad and MUCH more. Here’s a recap!

The Challenge: Final Reckoning Reunion Show Part Two picks up where last week’s episode left off — with Devin and Johnny Bananas squaring off onstage. When we last saw Devin, he was getting up out of his seat to get in Johnny’s face, after Bananas continued to talk about his his late father. Before things get too crazy, Devin’s partner, Cory, pulls him away from Johnny, and Devin storms offstage, practically in tears. That leaves Bananas to defend himself, and things remain heated. Here’s more about that and other bombshell moments from the show:

Bananas vs. Devin…and Ashley. After Devin leaves the stage, Ashley slams Johnny for not apologizing to him on-camera, and Bananas explains that he decided to do it in private because It would be “more authentic.” Eventually, Ashley follows Devin offstage herself, and rants, “He’s a f***ing sick human being to talk about someone’s family member who died like that. I can’t f***ing deal with this.” Luckily, Johnny had some support from Zach and Shane. “If someone followed me around the house for an hour and a half, in my face, not letting me fall asleep in my bed [like Devin did], I’m acting much worse than [Bananas] did,” Zach admits, leading his partner, Amanda, to storm off. To that, Shane adds, “It is an OG move to have real conversations off-camera. So I do think that Johnny’s intentions were pure when he offered that apology off-camera.”

As Cory tries to calm Devin down backstage, Johnny adds, “I told him off camera. He accepted my apology, man-to-man, then. Now all of a sudden he doesn’t want to.” It takes 45 minutes for Devin to finally calm down enough to confront Johnny once again, and cameras roll behind the scenes during their convo. “You wanted me to say something stupid,” Johnny insists. “You wanted me to hit you. You wanted me to f***ing do something that was going to level the playing field because you were afraid your partner was going home. And I snapped.”

Devin tries to goad Johnny into physically fighting him, but it doesn’t work. At that point, Devin urges Bananas to apologize to him once again, this time….in front of the cameras. “I told you, Devin. What I said was f***ing out of line,” Johnny admits. “And I’m sorry for what I said. You said my apology was horses*** because it wasn’t on camera, because I feel like a real apology takes place off camera. I wasn’t doing it for the camera and the storyline. I’m sorry that what came out of my mouth wasn’t the most poetic statement and I’m sorry it offended you and you took it the wrong way. I’m sorry, Devin.”

It’s not enough for Devin, though. When the guys return to the stage, he says, “I have nothing to say to that man.” Bananas, however, gets in one final word: “I meant what I said then and if you accepted the apology then, I would hope that you know I meant it then and I mean it now.” Clearly, this vendetta lives on.

Tony’s forced to pick sides. As all of this is going down, Tony is caught in the middle — Bananas is his partner, but Devin is supposed to be his friend. “I think Bananas worded it well,” Tony says, of the situation. However, he adds, “I’ve lost my father. No matter how you try to word it, if you mix my dead father in there, especially in that atmosphere, I might react in the same way [Devin did].

Tony doesn’t stand up for Devin as much as many expected him to, though, and Amanda calls him out for it backstage. “Tony’s sitting back like a little b****,” she rants. “Tony’s not a real friend. Tony, I feel like you should have told your partner to back up a little bit. [Devin] would have stepped up for you if Bananas was attacking your dad. It makes me upset to hear you say you’re Devin’s friend, but then you’re sitting there with your arm around your partner while he’s talking s*** about Devin’s dad. That’s so f***ed up dude.” There’s not much Tony can say to defend himself, but he does admit, “I side 100% with Devin on this.”

Britni exposes Brad after their breakup. Although Britni and Brad were dating when they both were on Final Reckoning, she was also partnered with her ex, Chuck, and players who saw the two of them interact in the Redemption House didn’t have a pretty picture to paint for Brad. “I will say I tried not to jump to any conclusions,” Brad admits. “But seeing that footage makes me believe there’s some blurred lines there. I wasn’t comfortable being in a long distance relationship after viewing what I saw.” According to Brad, the pair’s relationship came to an end after they came to a “mutual understanding” that it wouldn’t work, but when Britni joins the chat via Skype, she has a different story to tell.

“Two or three weeks ago we do an event in Illinois, we had a great f***ing weekend,” she says. “A beautiful weekend. Awesome sex, back to back. Then, you’re dropping me off at the airport and thats when you decide to tell me…I’m sorry, I think we should officially see other people, I’m not in love with you anymore. That’s when you decide to tell me that? After we f***ed for HOURS?!” Brad defends himself by trying to explain that the two “were not together at that point,” even though they hooked up. “He’s a basic man,” Britni rants. “He’s not the first man to vanish on me after a good f***.” YIKES!

Paulie and Cara reveals where they stand. Even though Paulie had a girlfriend on Final Reckoning, he still hooked up with Cara Maria on the show, and the two are still together to this day. “We got our phones back after the final, so I called [my ex] and told her everything that went down,” Paulie says. “I can’t change what I did, but if it was something that was a one-time thing, maybe that could’ve been something that we worked through and mended. But it wasn’t. I had a genuine relationship with [Cara], so I had to be honest about that. The good thing about mine and Cara’s relationship is that…if we want to f*** other people, we just say — hey, you wanna f*** someone else? We tell each other. We’re open about it.”

In between filming the show and reunion, Paulie and Cara actually appeared on the MTV show How Far Is Tattoo Far?, where she chose for him to get a tattoo of herself on his leg. “It’s super f***ed up,” Cara’s nemesis, Amanda, says. “For you to put yourself on somebody’s body that you just met? It’s crazy!” Well, Cara has an explanation for the shocking ink. “I didn’t know until after me and Paulie started hooking up that he was a really, really big fan of The Challenge,” she explains. “He’s watched every season ever, and one of his favorite players of me. So I was like…if he’s my biggest fan, I might as well give him what he wants — the ultimate autograph!”

Amanda and Cara go at it. Speaking of Amanda and Cara — yes, they still hate each other. “I don’t like her,” Amanda admits. “She’s not a good person. I think the things she tweets are hypocritical and I don’t like her.” To that, all Cara has to say is, “I don’t her to like me! Because if somebody like you likes me, what does that say about me?!” Ouch!

Cara and Marie – friends again! Despite having a LOT of ups and downs on The Challenge, Cara and her partner, Marie, reveal they’re in a good place now that filming’s over. “We’re cool,” Cara says. “She makes me laugh. I understand Marie. There’s no hate at all.”

Zach and Amanda battle it out. One team of vendettas that isn’t on good terms after the show, though, is Amanda and Zach. “Zach is somebody that constantly talks down to me,” Amanda explains. “He acts like my opinion never matters. It was always his way or the highway.” Zach admits he “regrets” calling Amanda a “whore” on the show, but besides that he has no remorse about how things went down between them — and he gets some backup from Johnny Bananas on that. “[Amanda] was a horrible human being on this show,” Bananas reveals. “They had a f***ing dream situation. Zach was protected on one side from the guys, she was protected on the other side with the girls. He was fine just running it out, if you wouldn’t had been so stubborn. He had ONE team to protect — you had five.”

Then, there was the moment EVERYONE was waiting for: Before the reunion, Amanda tweeted that she had some tea to spill about Zach, but she ends up deciding to keep her mouth shut about whatever she wanted to say. “In the moment I tweeted that, I was super heated,” she explains. “I wanted to expos something I don’t think I should expose today. I think that it would ruin someone’s relationship in life. If the people involved want to eventually talk about it in private, I will do so.”

TONY TIME! Although the reunion was filled with tons of drama, it ends on a high note — Tony gets down on one knee and finally proposes to his longtime girlfriend, Alyssa. So sweet!

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