The best of Buckingham Palace’s art is going on display for the first time

The best of Buckingham Palace’s art is going on display for the first time

Some of the Queen’s hidden masterpieces are going on display for the very first time.

A selection of paintings from Buckingham Palace’s Royal Collection will be displayed in a new exhibition this winter.

Some of the biggest names in the art world are set to appear in the show – all because the palace is undergoing some essential maintenance work.

The impressive artworks will be removed from the royal family’s famous Picture Gallery to prepare for the Reservicing Programme – a ten-year project to update the 18th-century structure’s essential services.

The exhibition titled Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace – which is set to open on 4 December – will feature 65 paintings including Rembrandt’s The Shipbuilder and his Wife and Titian’s Madonna and Child with Tobias and the Angel.

Other famous works making an appearance include Rubens’s 1623 Self-Portrait, Johannes Vermeer’s The Music Lesson (one of only 34 surviving works by the Dutch artist) and Claude Lorrain’s Harbour Scene at Sunset.

The Picture Gallery is usually open to the public during the annual Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace – but this will be the first time that works from the collection will be on display as part of a long-term public exhibition.

Royal Collection Trust states in a press release: ‘Visitors will be encouraged to consider the artists’ intentions, why the paintings were highly prized in their day and why we would now consider these works to be “masterpieces.”’

Elsewhere in the world of art and culture, the British Museum needs visitors to breathe in order to keep the art alive. This is because human breath helps maintain the level of humidity in the museum and, without it, pieces made from wood or bone could crack or develop mould.

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