The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of All Time

The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of All Time

The popularity of video games has continued to increase, especially as their adoption has swiftly moved from being “for kids”, especially in the 90s era, to now becoming hobbies for adults. Video games have continued to evolve from the time of system games like Atari to the now popular PlayStation, Xbox Series, and many gaming PCs. However, while many games appeal to their audience, many gamers still have their favorites. Game quality, type, and access are a few of the factors that make them appealing to gamers. However, this article will look at the 10 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time.

9 Red Dead Redemption 2 ($45 million)

Released in 2018 as the second sequel to its 2010 original, the action-adventure game was also developed and produced by Rockstar games. Its storyline follows the part of its original. Still, it has more advanced features like a multiplayer mode that allows up to 32 players to engage in various competitive game modes. It is available on gaming platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Stadia. Like the original, it is also very successful, as it has sold up to 45 million units to date.

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8 Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow ($47.5 million)

Developed by Game Freak and first released in 1996 as Pokémon Red and Poke Blue, the role-playing video games were the first installment of the successful Pokémon video game series. Two years later, its developers released Pokémon Yellow, which served as an improvement to the already successful Game Boy-bound video game. With more than 26years of serving their teeming gamers, the Nintendo video game has sold 47.5 million units as of 2022.

7 Overwatch ($50 million)

Released in 2016, Overwatch is one of the most in-demand multi-platform games in the world today. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the multiplayer first-person shooter game is available on platforms like Windows PlayStation 4&5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, despite avoiding the sexualization of character, its developers received criticisms due to the appearance and body type of the game’s female character. However, that did not stop its success, as it has sold at least 50 million units worldwide.

6 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ($55.2 million)

First released in 2014, the kart racing game is believed by many to be one of the best-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time. A deluxe version of the game was released in 2017 and received positive reviews from gamers and critics, who praised its developers’ initiative for expanding the game’s battle mode. The game’s original and deluxe versions are very successful and sold at least 55.2 million units.

5 Super Mario ($58 million)

According to Nintendo and the Nintendo Entertainment System, the successor to the 1983 fan favorite game, Mario Bros is one of its best-selling games ever. The single-player and multiplayer mode game is also described by many as one of the greatest video games of all time. According to CESA, its success has seen its owners sell about 58 million units globally.

4 PUBG: Battlegrounds ($75 million)

Developed and published by Krafton-owned PUBG studios, Battlegrounds is one of the most successful games of all time. The battle royale game, inspired by the Japanese movie of the same name, is only available in multiplayer game mode. Since it was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2017, its developers have integrated it into Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS platforms. The game, which won the “Best Multiplayer Game” in the 2017 Games award, has sold about 75 million units as of 2022.

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3 Wii Sports ($82.9 million)

Released in November 2006, the simulation video game developed by Nintendo for the Wii video game console remains one of the most commercially successful games of all time. The single-player, multiplayer mode game is a collection of five sports simulations: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. According to its design, it aims to demonstrate the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote. The game has sold almost 83 million units as of today.

2 Tetris ($100 million)

Developed by EA Mobile for EA, Tetris is a puzzle video game on platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, PlayStation, and Windows. The single-player mode game has continued to witness advancement since it was first released in 2006, as its appeal to gamers remains on the rise. Today, it is one of the most successful games of all time, selling at least 100 million units globally.

1 Grand Theft Auto V ($170 million)

Released in 2013, the seventh part of the Grand Theft Auto video game series remains the game franchise’s best-selling. The action-adventure game storyline does not deviate from that of the sequels before it, but its commercial success broke the game industry records. The game became the fastest to earn $800 million on the first release day while hitting $1 billion after just three days of launch. Its owners, Rockstar Games, have sold almost 170 million units globally.

Minecraft ($238 million)

Having sold about 238 million units globally, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. The 2011 sandbox video game was created by Markus Persson and was developed by Mojang Studios. According to Mojang, as of 2021, the game’s active players globally were 140 million gamers. These big numbers around it are why the game is the most commercially successful today in terms of units sold.

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