The 1 Thing Kardashians Do On Instagram That Drives Their Fans Crazy

The 1 Thing Kardashians Do On Instagram That Drives Their Fans Crazy

Say what you want about the Kardashians, but there’s no
denying: Instagram wouldn’t be the same without them. With hundreds of millions
of followers and incredible influence that earns these sisters up to $1
million per sponsored post, it’s no exaggeration to say the Kar-Jenners are
the reigning
queens of Insta. All hail.

However, not everything they do on social media is
well-received by their legions of fans. It’s impossible to please everyone, and
when you have an audience with so many, you’re bound to discover
some haters amongst the group. There are a few things the Kardashians keep
doing that fans just can’t stand.

They flaunt their wealth

It’s no secret—each Kardashian is worth millions, or in
Kylie Jenner’s case, $1 billion. But showing off can feel a bit obnoxious to
all us “regular” people.

Example: when Khloe posted a photo on the ‘gram with 10-month-old daughter True surrounded by a variety of colorful Birkin bags. For those not in the know, Birkin bags retail for anywhere from $12,000 to $200,000. The photo showed at least 14 of these pricey purses, including a custom edition bag that says “Khlomoney.”

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About 4 months ago ? My girl is growing so fast ?

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Fans reacted with jealousy
and disgust, saying, “This photo could pay off all my debts,” another commenter
said. And another: “Let’s brag a little more! Why not take some of your wealth
and help [others]?”

And Khloe isn’t the only
Kardashian jealous of this overt flashiness. All the Kar-Jenners have shown off
their status on social media at some point.

They’re obsessed with

Scroll through any Kar-Jenner
clan Instagram feed—Kim’s, Khloe’s, Kourtney’s, Kylie’s, or Kendall’s—and you’ll
notice one very interesting thing. It’s all about them.

Even the photos of their adorable children usually focus more on the parent than the child, which is a little weird. And many of the photos depict scantily clad, possibly airbrushed and photoshopped versions of the Kardashian moms in all their curvy glory.

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For the most part, fans
support this radical self-love by responding with fire emojis. But there are a
few critics who question why they’re so self-absorbed on Instagram and in general.
Would it hurt to take a photo of something else besides their own faces occasionally?

They share cryptic quotes

Kardashians are known
for bringing the drama no matter what. It’s easy to figure out what’s going on
in their lives based on their social media accounts.

Right after the Tristan
Thompson cheating
scandal, Khloe started sharing a bunch of quotes about love, loyalty, trust,
and betrayal. Coincidence? No, not at all.

This isn’t the worst
thing Kardashians do on social media, but fans are driven a little mad trying
to decipher what all these coded messages actually mean.

They use Photoshop to perfect
their photos

There are conspiracy theories circulating that the KUWTK stars share Photoshop fails on purpose because they like the attention. But intentional or not, some fans are fed up with the constant doctoring of photographs.

In a society plagued by low
self-confidence and women with feelings of inferiority, it seems unfair that
the Kardashians just keep perpetuating this unattainable standard of
perfection. Especially when it’s not even real.

Ultimately, what the
Kardashians post on Instagram is their decision. But hopefully they understand their
massive opportunity to influence people in positive ways—not just show off
their superior makeup skills and perfect figures.

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