Terrifying pictures of pets that will haunt your nightmares

Terrifying pictures of pets that will haunt your nightmares

A face only an owner could love! Hilarious snaps capture pets at their most terrifying – including a Sphynx cat that looks like an evil genius

  • People have shared horrifying pictures of their pets looking their worst
  • One dog was a nightmarish sight when owner photographed them mid-sneeze 
  • In another, a smiling cat showing his canines looked possessed by a demon

Pets can be incredible source of love and comfort – but these photos prove they can also have you sleeping with one eye open.

Owners from around the world have shared photos of their pets at their scariest and the best examples have been collated in a gallery by Bored Panda

In one snap, a dog that would be adorable at any other given time looks like it’s ready to attack, with his teeth bared and haunches raised. 

In another, a sinister-looking Sphynx cat from the US looks strikingly like an evil genius. 

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the best…  

People from all over the world have shared terrifying pictures of their pets. This small and fluffy dog from Mexico’s grin is sure to haunt your nightmares

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This rescue cat from Los Angeles showed its evil side in a picture that makes it look like it has no pupils

An owner from the US said their dog loved to have their face blown with a leaf blower, even though they looked like a nightmare villain

Who knows what evil schemes this sinister-looking Sphynx cat from the US has been plotting

This dog, from the US, looks like it’s about to commit a vicious attack, but really, it’s just yawning

This dog from Hungary looked terrifying as its shook d its fur after a dip in the local lake

In the US, a black cat stretching its back on its cat tree gave his owner a terrible fright 

This dog’s owner used tomato juice to get a bad smell out of their hair, but the dog ended up looking like it had committed bloody murder

In the US, this dog jut wanted to play fetch, but ended up looking like a nightmarish creature 

One person from the UK accidentally took a picture of their dog mid-sneeze, with terrifying results 

A person from the US got a fright when they looked up and saw their cat staring at them from a hole in the ceiling

Would you be scared if an angry-looking cat crawled out from the bed with a pair of tweezers?

An American passerby was startled by this group of cats looking like they were having a secret meeting

This dog, believed to be from the US, looks perfectly normal, but its shadow look like an angry wolf ready to attack

This black cat was not amused when flour ended up on its face, giving him a ghostly appearance  

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