Terrifying Manchester drive-thru horror cinema is the stuff of nightmares

Terrifying Manchester drive-thru horror cinema is the stuff of nightmares

It’s spooky season, folks, when pumpkins, black cats, an abundance of sweets, and horror movies reign supreme.

If you want a Halloween activity that’s socially distance but bone-chillingly scary, this might just be it.

Scare City is a new event held at Manchester’s Event City that merges some of the most terrifying horror movies ever made with actors and props to make you jump out of your skin.

The immersive drive-thru cinema will be showing movies like Annabelle, The Nun, Insidious, Us, Get Out, and The Hills Have Eyes throughout October and early November.

But it’s not just the movies that go bump in the night. As your car drives into the outdoor theatre you’ll pass through a ‘tunnel of doom’ featuring actors in masks carrying flaming whips and axes.

I went to this creepy ass place tonight in Manchester … I am shook and I’m sure I pissed my pants but … Happy…

Keep your windows shut is all we’re saying.

Then there’s a haunted graveyard, a haunted house, and a winnebago covered in blood for photo ops – but don’t stay too long, as you’re likely to find some more creepy characters jumping out at you.

Videos of the event have already got us quaking in our boots, but thankfully there are also a child-friendly screenings on the weekend.

For these lighter showings, you can expect movies like Frankenweenie and Coco – and the ‘immersive’ additions are toned down too.

If you think you can hack this, it costs £35 per car to get in, and there are all the usual amenities you’d expect at a movie like refreshments and toilets.

You can get tickets and find out more information here.

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