Steve Wozniak just bought Tesla-rivaling electric car

Steve Wozniak just bought Tesla-rivaling electric car

Lucid Motors to begin Lucid Air EV deliveries in October

Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson discusses the rollout of the automaker’s electric vehicle product.

Steve Wozniak isn't waiting around for the Apple Car.

Steve Wozniak held a press conference on cybersecurity, cryptocurrency and white hackers within the third International Forum on cybersecurity at the Antonov Serial Production Plant located at Gostomel Airport in Kiyv, Ukraine, in 2017. (Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The Apple co-founder and longtime Tesla owner apparently just bought a new car from Elon Musk's new luxury electric rival.

Wozniak Tweeted: "Our new EV is a Lucid Air."

American startup Lucid is run by former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson and offers the Air sedan at starting prices from $77,500 to $169,000, with the high-end models being delivered first this year.

The Lucid Air is sold in several versions at prices ranging from $77,500 to $169,000. (Lucid Motors)

The Lucid Air Dream Edition holds the record for longest electric driving range at 520 miles.

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Wozniak, who has an estimated net worth over $100 million, has owned a variety of electric cars, including the Chevrolet Bolt EV and several Teslas, but has been critical of Tesla's autonomous driving systems.

The Lucid Air offers a maximum driving range of 520 miles between charges. (Lucid)

"There are too many unexpected things," he told Forbes. "There’d be a tire in the lane on the road in front of you, so you’d steer around it. A huge pothole. Steer around. You know, things like these that a human would do easily, and I don’t see Tesla possibly doing that. And I see so many navigation system mistakes in a self-driving car."


"I was totally sure we were going to have autonomous cars," he told Forbes. "We’re going to just go anywhere. And after enough time of seeing supposedly the next attempt that was really going to get us there with Tesla, I guess like a lot of Tesla owners I got disenchanted. After a while we’ve seen how many mistakes it makes. The dumbest human in the world would know how to do this, handle this." 

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