Starbucks is doing a CEREAL latte topped with crispy pieces – and fans are baffled

Starbucks is doing a CEREAL latte topped with crispy pieces – and fans are baffled

Fans are baffled by the quirky new all-in-one breakfast drink – and some people say they "can't think of anything worse".

The coffee is blended with a cereal powder made from oat, barley and wheat – three of the ingredients that go into Cheerios.

It is served with vegan oat milk as standard to add to the cereal taste, which is poured over an espresso shot.

It's then topped with crispy shards made from the oat, barley and wheat cereal.

But the drink, which starts at £3.20 for the smallest "short" size and is in all 335 UK Starbucks shops from today, is confusing fans.




One customer, Dan, wrote on Twitter: "Why tf have Starbucks made a cereal latte I can’t think of anything worse."

Julia added: "Sorry @Starbucks but the new Cereal Latte sounds horrible."

One customer, Justine, who has tried the new drink, said: "PSA – do not under any circumstances try the new cereal latte at Starbucks."

Even though oat milk comes as standard, you can order the new latte with normal milk or other non-dairy options such as soy or almond milk.

But Starbucks said it chose to have oat milk as the default option because "it brings out the best flavour".

The unusual new drink could be a good option for people who like flavoured lattes but want to cut down on their sugar.




A short Cereal Latte contains 145 calories and 15.4g of sugar as standard compared to 162 calories and 19.8g of sugar in a short oat-based vanilla latte.

Fifteen grams of sugar is still a lot though. It works out as four teaspoons of sugar – and that's just in the smallest size.

A grande Cereal Latte contains a whopping 36.4g of sugar, or nine teaspoons.

A less calorific option is a plain Caffe Latte, which only contains 127 calories and 10.7g of sugar for a short with oat milk.

Starbucks is launching the new drink alongside a new espresso roast called the Blonde.

Customers can now choose between Starbuck's standard Signature Espresso Roast and the new lighter Blonde Espresso Roast for no extra charge.

Starbucks said the new Blonde roast is "smoother," with a "mighty but mellow" flavour compared to the "bold and rich" Signature roast.

There are nearly 15,000 Starbucks coffee shops around the world. You can find your nearest branch using its online store finder tool.

In other drinks news, Wetherspoons has just launched a sale, making the price of a pint 10p cheaper.

Meanwhile last month we revealed that a Costa Coffee flat white has more caffeine than three cans of Red Bull.

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