Snow and sleet to hit UK again as temperatures plunge to -2C

Snow and sleet to hit UK again as temperatures plunge to -2C

Wintry conditions could hit parts of the UK this weekend as temperatures fall closer to average after days of mild weather.

Some forecasts claim snow could fall over high ground at times and temperatures could drop to -2C overnight this weekend, just days after the start of spring.

Forecasters have also warned that some places could be lashed by hail and sleet as a cold front sweeps in.

Britain has basked in 19C warmth this week thanks to warm air from the Azores in the Atlantic, but cooler and cloudy conditions are on the way, including heavy rain and blustery showers, and overnight frost and fog.

Any snow that falls over the next few days will be confined to high ground in the north, according to the latest weather maps.

Friday got off to a gloomy start with some mist, fog and low cloud, and heavy rain in parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Showers will slowly move southeastwards into northern England, the Met Office said.

Colder, brighter and showery conditions are expected in those areas later, along with strong winds in the north.

It will be mainly dry but cloudy elsewhere with some warm sunny spells.

Temperatures could hit 16C in the south and about 10C in the north.

In the evening, rain will continue to sink southeastwards and become light and patchy, the Met Office said.

Scattered showers are likely in the northwest and patchy frost is possible in many places as temperatures drop.

Saturday is expected to be largely cloudy in the south with some rain in the southwest.

It will be mainly dry with bright or sunny spells.

Strong winds will persist in the far north with more rain.

The Met Office is predicting frequent blustery showers in Scotland on Sunday.

It will be generally settled and dry elsewhere.

Met office meteorologist Ellie Creed said cold air will spread across the UK over the next few days.

He told the Express: “A cold front is just sat to the west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“That does mean outbreaks of rain for both areas.

“Further south for northern England and Wales maybe one or two spots of rain and drizzle particularly over the hills, a bit murky here as well."

Overnight temperatures could fall to -2C in parts of northern England and Scotland this weekend.

Met Office five-day weather forecast


Occasionally heavy rain across Northern Ireland and western Scotland will slowly sink southeastwards into northern England.

Behind it, colder, brighter and showery.

Windy in the north.

Mainly dry but cloudy elsewhere, although with some warm sunny spells.

Friday night

Rain will continue to sink southeastwards, becoming light and patchy with some southern parts remaining dry.

Elsewhere, clearing skies will lead to patchy frost.

Scattered showers continuing in the northwest.


Largely cloudy in the south, with some light rain possible in the southwest.

Otherwise mainly dry with bright or sunny spells, although windy in the far north with further showers.

Sunday to Tuesday

Frequent blustery showers in Scotland on Sunday, otherwise generally settled and dry.

Partly cloudy skies are probable with warm sunny spells by day, but overnight frost and fog is possible.

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