Smile hack that will ‘take 10 years off your age’ – claim

Smile hack that will ‘take 10 years off your age’ – claim

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Everybody knows that skincare, haircare, diet and exercise can all play a part in making us look younger – or older. But does the appearance of teeth have the same effect?

Cosmetic Dentist Dr Terri Alani, also known as Texas Tooth Lady, shared how women can look younger with cosmetic dentistry.

She stated: “So I have a saying, ‘A beautiful smile speaks when you don’t.”

Women may go to a plastic surgeon and “get everything done” or “wear false eyelashes and what have you”.

However, they forget that the teeth balance out the face.

She explained that as we age, the teeth age with us, so it is possible for our teeth to give our age away when we smile.

This may happen as early as the 30s and continue into the 40s, 50s and beyond.

The expert continued: “Many of us grind our teeth and what can happen is this can wear your teeth down.

“Then you begin to show your lower teeth more and it also shortens the distance between your nose and your chin, so it creates those wrinkles.”

What’s more, this can cause bone loss and chipping which can both alter the appearance of the teeth.

Clenching the teeth frequently can even start to push them forward.

Dr Terri next explained that as we age we start to lose enamel, which is why the teeth can start to look a bit yellow.

She revealed that a bit of enamel is lost from the teeth every 10 years, but that “whitening can help correct that”.

So what can women do if they want to alter the appearance of their teeth and knock “10 years off their age” in the process?

Dr Terri started by discussing veneers, an “almost contact-lens thin” material, which can “change a lot of how the teeth look”.

The expert claimed: “Veneers can actually take 10 years off your age.”

They can restore the length of teeth and correct damage from grinding.

Chips and cracks can also be fixed with veneers, giving the mouth and in turn, the whole face, a more symmetrical look.

For those who may have a gap in their teeth, commonly found between the two front teeth, braces aren’t the only option as veneers can also close the gap.

Veneers are available in many different shades and so can be whiter than natural teeth.

Brightening the smile in this way can also dramatically change a person’s appearance to make them appear much more youthful.

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