Simple trick lets you see when a Tesco offer will run out

Simple trick lets you see when a Tesco offer will run out

Deciphering deals and making the call on when to bulk buy can be tricky.

Sure, a supermarket might say biscuits are on ‘special offer’, but what if they’re actually referring to a year-long price drop? What if those same biscuits will be even cheaper next week? Should you buy a load while they’re cheap or ignore all those sneaky marketing tactics?

One easy trick might help to make these difficult decisions a touch easier.

Naomi Willis of Skint Chef reveals that there’s a simple way to find out when a deal or discount at Tesco is expiring – so you can see whether it’s time sensitive enough to justify buying in bulk.

Here’s how you work it out.

Look for a discount or offer, usually marked with a little yellow sign. You know, the bit that says ‘Save 50p’ or ‘buy one, get one free’. If you look at that yellow section and look below the actual offer, you’ll spot a six digit number.

It turns out that number is a date, written backwards to keep it subtle. That date is when the offer will end.

So for example, if the number underneath the offer is 190810, the offer will end on 10 August 2019 – so in that case, it’s probably worth stocking up when you see it.

If the number is 210101, the offer will end on 1 January 2021. You really wouldn’t need to rush to get this deal, as it’ll be going for ages.

This is all quite handy, as it answers the question of ‘should I actually be convinced by this deal?’, adding some time pressure when it’s needed. The trick can also help you avoid food waste, as you’ll no longer be bulk-buying items that you could have bought at a discounted price week after week.

The same number is featured in Asda, so do keep an eye on the price labels when you’re doing your grocery shopping. Soon you’ll be spotting the date every deal expires without realising you’re doing it.

The only thing you can’t figure out is whether a better deal is coming up. That’s something supermarkets would rather keep top secret, we reckon.

But bargain-hunters, it’s best not to get caught up wondering whether the grass will be greener. If the deal is on something you’d normally buy full price, it’s a decent saving, and the purchase fits into your budget, you go right ahead and buy. There’s no need to go on a spending guilt trip because if you’d have waited two months you could have got an extra 10p off.

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