Scott Disick Gives Diamond Watches To Guests At His Lavish Birthday Party

Scott Disick Gives Diamond Watches To Guests At His Lavish Birthday Party

Celebrities are known to celebrate their birthdays in style, but Scott Disick just set the bar so high, that it’s unlikely anyone else in Hollywood will be sharing their birthday stories for a while. In one swift swoop, Scott Disick’s incredibly lavish birthday party put all other parties to absolute shame, while simultaneously making fans green with envy.  The Mirror reports that his event was as star-studded as it gets, featuring a slew of stars that relished in all the haute-couture that surrounded them. Just when fans thought they had seen it all, Scott Disick handed each of his guests diamond watches and diamond jewelry as party favors, making this the most elaborate party-giveaway anyone had ever experienced.

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Scott Disick may be the birthday boy, but apparently, to him, turning 38 has afforded him the ability to throw lavish gifts at his guests as a mere ‘thank you for coming’ gesture.

The very exclusive, invite-only birthday party was attended by huge names such as singer and songwriter, Sia, who was thrilled to receive her party favor. She was seen dripping in diamonds, with a stunning, sparkling jewelry feature around her neck.

She captioned her post by writing; “my first time being fancy,” putting her stunning party favor on full display for fans to enjoy.

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The entire event oozed wealth and fortune, and everything was available in abundance for guests to enjoy.

The party had an aviation theme, including the cake, which was as elaborately designed as one would imagine from a party such as this one.

That’s not all. The Daily Mail reports Scott “treated his guests to free diamond watches and sparkling jewelry, boasting: ‘I’m sorry that everybody gives out candy, but I give out ice.'”

The attendance as this event shone as brightly as the jewelry did. Included were his girlfriend Amelia Hamlin, his famous ex, Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Sia, and many others. Disick treated his guests to food trucks serving chicken and churos.

Scott’s generosity was captured by Kim Kardashian, who blasted the updates to her fans on Instagram stories. Page Six reports that she was; “panning the camera over a table filled with sparkling swag from Luxe VVS Jewelers that appeared to include diamond chains and Rolexes.” She went on to say; “I’ve never heard of this before, party favors like this,” she told her followers. These are Scott’s party favors, you guys, so anyone can just walk in right here if they’re invited.”

Of course, the bling was heavily guarded by security throughout the event.

It seems the birthday boy was in the spirit of giving, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t also spoiled on his big day. His girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, surprised him with a brand new Harley Davidson to commemorate his special day.

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