Scientists Create New Arthritis Treatment That Eliminates Cartilage Breakdown

Scientists Create New Arthritis Treatment That Eliminates Cartilage Breakdown

Major moves are being made in the world of medicine, as a new arthritis treatment can prevent cartilage breakdown!

According to SciTechDaily, a new and innovative treatment can aid those suffering from arthritis. An injectable material made of nanoscale particles can deliver arthritis drugs through the cartilage, preventing it from breaking down.

If you aren’t familiar with the disease, osteoarthritis or arthritis is a disease that causes severe joint pain, and affects more than 20 million people in the United States alone, claims the source. Although some drugs have provided relief in joint pain, there has been no treatment that could reverse or slow down the cartilage breakdown associated with the disease, that is until now!

It wasn’t until this month where MIT engineers have designed a completely new material that can administer drugs directly to the cartilage, allowing it to penetrate deeper within, which can ultimately heal damaged tissue upon being administered. “This is a way to get directly to the cells that are experiencing the damage, and introduce different kinds of therapeutics that might change their behaviors,” says Paula Hammond, head of MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

The study was first attempted on rats, which showed impeccable results upon injection on the animals suffering from the disease. Most cases of arthritis are caused by a traumatic injury such as tearing or fracturing a ligament, resulting in the gradual wear and tear of cartilage as people age. Not only does this disease become quite painful as one continues to age, but it can also make performing simple day-to-day tasks very difficult and uncomfortable, says SciTechDaily.

Not only does this new treatment provide repair to the joins, and eliminates the breakdown of the affected cartilage, it allows for a safer and more accessible form of treatment for those suffering from arthritis. Research is still underway and has been funded by the Department of Defense Congressionally Funded Medical Research Program and the National Science Foundation fellowship, two outstanding organizations that have aided the research for countless disease treatments. Although a cure has yet to be determined, this is a step in a wonderful direction.

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