Saturn in Aquarius Helps Us Work Together for a Better Future

Saturn in Aquarius Helps Us Work Together for a Better Future

After a five-and-a-half-month trip through Capricorn, Saturn is returning to Aquarius on December 17, 2020—and this time it’s staying there until March 7, 2023. People born between February 6, 1991 and January 28, 1994 should start prepping for their Saturn Return, but we’ll all be affected. This transit will push us all to be accountable for our decisions and take steps towards creating a better progressive future for everyone. The caveat is that we all have to step up and fighting for the greater good.

First, Saturn will be re-stepping the degrees it covered when it first moved through Aquarius this year, from March 21, 2020 to July 1, 2020, when social distancing began and the Black Lives Matter movement grew. (Saturn returned to Capricorn during its retrograde period, then began moving forward again on September 29.) During this transit, we can expect global changes to continue to shape our lives—for the better, if we work in unison.

Read your Sun/Rising horoscope:


Remember that friends come and go. Your squad is getting a lot smaller (much to your surprise), but the quality of people you are surrounding yourself with is going up. The people you keep close during this transit are your true friends.


A promotion is coming your way, stabilizing your career and giving you new professional opportunities. So make sure you step up your game at work! Don’t let anything stand in your way on the road to success.


You’re not necessarily known as a practical or realistic person, but right now, that’s changing. You’re feeling okay about adhering to the status quo and thinking inside the box.


Change is harder than ever, mostly because you’re resisting growth. Try to take baby steps towards evolution by opening yourself up to new possibilities. It’ll give you the strength to take bigger steps later on.


You want to fully commit to your relationship, but you’re seeing your boo’s faults more than ever. Think about whether or not you’re totally compatible before you take big steps towards commitment. Don’t ignore their flaws.


The work you’re doing isn’t meshing with your idealized dreams. You’re feeling like a robot who’s punching in and out, waiting for payday. Find a side hustle or commit to a few outside hobbies that will distract you from frustration and boredom.


You’re no longer taking risks in love. Instead, you’re choosing to only connect with people who share your views. If they don’t align with the way you think and feel, then you’re out.


People may feel that you’re not as generous with your time and energy as you used to be. But it’s okay to focus solely on your needs and feelings right now. Give yourself some love before you start taking care of others. Don’t be afraid to be a little more selfish than usual.


You’re fine-tuning your blunt, direct nature. Instead of saying what’s on your mind in the moment, you’re using silence as a weapon. Intentionally stepping back from the drama will allow you to win every argument.


Your hard work hasn’t yet been reflected in your bank account, so be careful not to overspend right now. You’re losing more money than you’re gaining. Now’s the time to make sure you’re being properly compensated.


As Saturn makes its way into your sign, you’ll feel as a lot of pressure to step up, take charge, and act like an adult. Just make sure you also take time to embrace your inner child. Have a little fun now and again.


Fear of the unknown is stressing you out. You’re frustrated by not knowing how situations and relationships will progress. Learning to trust the process will be hard, but necessary. Lean into your gut feelings before making decisions.

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