‘Saturday Night Live’ Parodies Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ (Watch)

‘Saturday Night Live’ Parodies Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ (Watch)

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Ego Nwodim encountered her “Us”-esque doppelganger on the Mar. 30 episode of the late-night NBC sketch comedy series.

In a parody commercial for Discover Card, Nwodim found some unusual activity on her account and called the customer service center. Although Kenan Thompson warned her she’d just be talking to a robot, what was actually on the other end of the phone was much scarier — “a real person, who’s just like you.”

Taking a page out of Jordan Peele’s book, the sketch then revealed a slower talking Nwodim in a red track suit sitting in a dark call center. Peele is the mastermind behind “Us,” the psychological thriller about a family who is confronted by their own doppelgangers. The film debuted to the tune of $70 million at the box office last weekend, making it the second-best debut of the year.

Nwodim reported the suspicious activity on her account as someone purchasing “a bunch of red jump suits, motorcycle gloves, hundreds of rabbits and some giant scissors.” The camera then cut back to her doppelganger in the call center, holding the scissors and one rabbit, while another wandered the desk.

“That’s so random,” her doppelganger said.

“Oh my God, I say random all the time! Are you me?” Ewodim responded.

After Ewodim pointed out her family was on vacation and she need to speed things up, her doppelganger said that when she went on vacation, she had to sit in a cave.

“I would not want to switch places with you,” Ewodim replied.

Watch “SNL’s” Discover Card/”Us” parody below:

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