Sarah Hyland ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If BF Wells Adams Proposed On New Year’s Eve

Sarah Hyland ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If BF Wells Adams Proposed On New Year’s Eve

Are Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland about to ring in 2019 with a bang? We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that these two ‘soulmates’ are so much in love that he might just pop the question sooner than we think!

Sarah Hyland, 28, had an amazing 2018 with boyfriend Wells Adams, 34. So, how are these two lovebirds going to top it? Many expect these two to tie the knot soon, and a source close to Sarah EXCLUSIVELY tells that an engagement is practically right around the corner. “Sarah and Wells have totally had the marriage and babies talk, and they’re both on the same page. They want a family and they want to be young parents. They’re also both quite traditional, in that they definitely would want to get married before considering starting a family together. Their relationship is moving at the speed of light, so they’re getting closer to taking the next step each and every day.”

“Sarah is leaving everything in Wells’ hands though,” the insider tells “She wants him to propose. Knowing Wells, he’ll make some big romantic gesture, and make sure it’s an occasion that’s super memorable and personal to them as a couple. It’s gotten to the point where Sarah wouldn’t be surprised at all for Wells to get down on one knee at any moment, but she has this feeling he may be planning something special for New Year’s Eve.”

That would qualify for being “super memorable,” for sure! “It would certainly be the perfect way to round out an amazing year together,” the insider adds, “and Sarah would have no hesitation in saying yes. She knows she’s found the love of her life and her soulmate, and she seriously could not be happier or more in love.” With an engagement being a foregone conclusion, the question is “when?” Sarah would prefer to tie the knot after her show, Modern Family, ends so that she could focus all her attention on her wedding instead of having to divide her attention between work, her (soon-to-be) fiancé, and wedding planning.

An engagement wouldn’t be a surprise to Sarah’s Modern Family co-star, Nolan Gould, 20, who thinks that between her and Ariel Winter, Sarah would be the one to walk down the aisle first. “She’s just a little older and she’s just at that place in her life,” he said when speaking with “Not that Ariel isn’t. She’s super happy and super mature, but I think Sarah may be a little bit older to make those decisions.” She may have to make such a decision when the ball drops on Dec. 31.

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