Russell Grant’s reading for your star sign for April

Russell Grant’s reading for your star sign for April

Astrology: Expert reveals new zodiac dates as stars realign

Aries (Mar21/Apr20) 

Treat these expenses as investments in your happiness. A fantastic opportunity to raise your profile arrives on the 11th; this is a great time to post a video on social media, go to an audition, or showcase your creative work. It might be impossible to charm a gruff pessimist on the 14th; don’t even try. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th invites you to expand your horizons through travel, study, or both. Don’t let a forbidding authority figure discourage your plans for adventure. A surprising windfall on the 29th helps you buy up a cosy piece of property.

Taurus (Apr21/May21)

People become more receptive to your ideas on the 3rd; it’s a good time to make a presentation or request. Don’t argue with a powerful individual, even if you know you are right and they are wrong. Eventually, it will become obvious that you’re more thoughtful and intelligent. The Full Moon on the 6th warns against taxing your health with negative thinking. Fill your schedule with activities that lift your spirits and help you see the funny side of life.

Your earning power becomes much stronger on the 11th; treat yourself to some luxuries that were previously out of reach. A jealous friend may try to make you feel guilty about indulging your sensual side on the 14th; ignore their petty criticisms. On the 20th, you’ll have a lovely chance to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries; work can wait for another day. Offer support for a relative’s bold plan on the 29th.

Gemini (May22/June21)

Dwelling on negative thoughts on the 3rd will keep you from venturing into unknown territory. When you assume everything will work out to your advantage, obstacles will disappear from your path. On the 6th, the Full Moon will send waves of disruption through your love life. Instead of settling for a comfortable relationship, strive for one that will thrill you to the core.

Competing for a great job is worth your while on the 8th; this position will be both financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying. You turn heads wherever you go on the 11th; someone with an exotic background will be especially attentive. Going on a trip together will be lots of fun for you both. Don’t let a forbidding authority figure spoil your enthusiasm for a creative project on the 14th. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th inspires you to host a party or casual get-together; this will be a fun and festive occasion for everyone involved.

Cancer (June22/July23)

The Full Moon on the 6th helps you decide to break away from an intolerable living situation. Take this opportunity to embrace your independence and establish a home life that brings you joy. Friendship could turn into romance on the 7th when you find yourself attracted to a companion with a velvet voice. Don’t be afraid to pursue a heartfelt desire on the 8th, even at the risk of looking foolish. Your drive and determination will help you achieve success.

A fabulous career opportunity falls into your lap on the 11th. Getting a job that allows you to travel the world is a distinct possibility. Don’t give in to your fears on the 14th, especially regarding travel. It’s important to expand your horizons. On the 20th, the Solar Eclipse allows you to launch a business venture or move into a high-profile role. Doing something out of character will be lots of fun on the 29th.

Leo (July24/Aug23) 

Your best friend, business partner, or amour expresses dissatisfaction about your relationship on the 3rd. Neglecting people for the sake of work won’t advance your career; it can undermine your professional advancement. The Full Moon on the 6th exposes rifts in a friendship. It may be time to move away from toxic people who mock your natural enthusiasm. The 11th is one of the happiest days of the year for you; going on a long-distance trip with your favourite person is a distinct possibility. Alternatively, you could meet the love of your life while travelling.

The Solar Eclipse on the 20th finds you expanding your horizons; this is a great time to learn a foreign language, master a musical instrument, or work toward an advanced degree. Don’t feel pressured to take up a subject for purely professional reasons. You’ll fare much better by studying something you love. A passionate encounter brings great joy on the 25th.

Virgo (Aug24/Sept23)

Travel plans could be delayed on the 3rd. It may be best to stay put for the sake of your health. Spending time with your favourite person on the 5th takes the sting out of this delayed trip. On the 6th, the Full Moon brings disappointment about a financial matter. Getting paid less than expected will force you to scale back expenses. Don’t despair; a friend will recommend you for a lucrative assignment on the 8th, helping you make up the loss.

If you have a choice between taking a flat salary or earning a commission on the 11th, choose the latter. Getting a piece of the profits will be a much better arrangement for you. On the 14th, your business or romantic partner will express jealousy over all the time you spend at work. Try to strike a healthier balance between your personal and professional lives. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th inspires a passionate romantic encounter.

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Libra (Sept24/Oct23) 

Your desire to have fun is stronger than a need to be financially responsible on the 3rd. Fortunately, a steady work assignment will fall into your lap on the 5th, helping you to pay the bills. On the 6th, the Full Moon makes it difficult to establish firm boundaries with a needy romantic or business partner. As much as it pains you to do so, it’s important to issue an ultimatum.

You can’t keep jeopardising your emotional health for the sake of somebody else. The 11th finds you embarking on a grand adventure; studying a subject that you love makes you glow with happiness. The educational expansion also attracts lots of romantic attention. Work commitments limit your freedom on the 14th, making you irritable and impatient. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th begins a new chapter in your love life. Keeping separate bank accounts can prevent power struggles from erupting with your amour.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22)

A passionate argument with your best friend, business partner, or amour will make the 3rd a tense day. This is one of those times when your stubborn nature does more harm than good. Strive to be a little more flexible on the 5th when a small compromise allows you both more breathing room. The Full Moon on the 6th brings disturbing secrets to light.

It’s time to face the truth of an unpleasant situation. A romantic encounter on the 7th gives you an attractive glow that’s impossible to ignore. Don’t hesitate to put your passionate feelings into words on the 8th; a loving relationship will grow closer and stronger as a result. The chance to purchase a beautiful home falls into your lap on the 11th. Take the plunge; you won’t regret it. On the 20th, the Solar Eclipse marks the best time of the year to begin a rigorous health regimen.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21)

Power plays at work will drive you to distraction on the 3rd; you don’t have the patience for this nonsense. Spending time on domestic pursuits on the 5th will restore your balance; activities like cooking, decorating, or gardening will give you lots of pleasure. The Full Moon on the 6th warns against spreading yourself too thin on the social front. It’s better to spend quality time with true friends than accept every party invitation.

The chance to work from home on the 7th makes you breathe a sigh of relief; you’re tired of long commutes and office politics. Your love life improves by leaps and bounds on the 11th. If you’re looking for love, you’ll find it with a witty flirt. If you already have a partner, whisk them away to a place neither of you has ever visited before. On the 20th, the Solar Eclipse inspires a creative project or love affair. Trust your heart over your head.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20) 

Resist the temptation to manipulate someone on the 3rd. If someone wants to exercise their independence, let them. You don’t have to fund their risky behaviour, but you shouldn’t withhold your affection from them too.

Your calm attitude makes you highly attractive to a suitor on the 5th; you’re not the type to create drama to get attention. The Full Moon on the 6th causes you to make an important career decision. Walking away from a demanding job will give you more time for personal happiness. Fortunately, a lucrative work assignment will arrive on the 11th, allowing you to maintain a high standard of living without neglecting your home life. Beware of overindulging in food and drink on the 14th, as this can cloud your thinking. On the 20th, the Solar Eclipse brings a lovely opportunity to make some home improvements or buy a big piece of property. You’ll get a heartfelt romantic offer on the 25th.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19)

A forbidding attitude toward a relative on the 3rd causes tension at home. Stop imposing your beliefs on this family member; the two of you have very different needs. A home-based business paves the way for financial stability on the 5th. On the 6th, the Full Moon brings disappointing news about travel or educational opportunity.

Always remember that when one door closes, a window always opens. The 11th draws love to you like a magnet. Falling head over heels in love with a witty conversationalist is a distinct possibility. If you’re already in a relationship, give your amour a lavish gift. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th inspires you to try a hobby that appeals to your rebellious side. Buying or selling property is favoured for the 25th, especially if you’re trying to build a secure financial foundation that will last for generations. Brisk exercise gives you an attractive glow on the 29th that’s impossible to ignore.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20) 

Working on a creative project of your own will also be rewarding. A moneymaking opportunity beyond your wildest dreams will arrive on the 11th; say yes to this exciting adventure. Don’t discourage a relative from pursuing a cherished dream on the 14th, even if it involves taking a risk. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th attracts a job involving education, publishing, travel, or all three; take it!

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