Royal family are 'going digital', source tells Vanity Fair

Royal family are 'going digital', source tells Vanity Fair

Royal aides are ‘thinking outside the box’ so that The Firm can ‘go digital’ and hold meetings and engagements online because ‘no one wants to sit around doing nothing’, source tells Vanity Fair

  • Aides are ‘thinking outside the box’ to ensure royals can work during coronavirus
  • Source told Vanity Fair ‘things have to change’ and the family are ‘going digital’
  • Unprecedented photo of Queen, 93, speaking to PM was released yesterday 
  • Comes after announcement that Prince Charles, 71, tested positive to COVID-19 
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Royal aides are ‘thinking outside the box’ to establish new ways of working for The Firm amid the coronavirus crisis, a source has revealed.  

Technical staff for the royal family are said to be ‘looking ahead’ to ensure that members like Queen, 93, Prince Charles, 71, and Prince William, 37, can ‘go digital’ during the crisis.

The source told Vanity Fair that work is underway to help royals hold engagements and meetings online, revealing: ‘No one wants to sit around doing nothing so we’re coming up with other ways to do things. Digital is now the way forward.’

It comes after an unprecedented photograph of the Queen speaking with Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the phone was released yesterday as it was announced Prince Charles has tested positive to the virus.

Aides are ‘thinking outside the box’ to ensure the royal family are able to continue working from home amid the coronavirus outbreak

The source said the family were following guidance with regards to social distancing and isolating, but that they are determined to keep working as normally as possible. 

They explained that aides were looking ahead at the coming months and how the royals could work in the near future.

While the royals often attend engagements and meetings in person, the source went on to say that those ‘on the technical side’ were currently furiously working to ensure the work could be done online.

Aides are having to ‘think outside the box’ in efforts to manage the situation, and are working to ensure the working methods are sustainable for ‘weeks, if not months.’  

A source told Vanity Fair that ‘things are changing’ in the way members of the royal family work as the coronavirus crisis continues (pictured, Kate Middleton, 37, and Prince William, 37, on a visit to an NHS 111 centre last week)

In the mean time, while many meetings and engagements over the coming weeks have been cancelled, the royals are said to be keen to keep in touch with their patronages.

The source said they are determined not to let their charities down and have been busy writing letters to their patronages to assure them they still have their support. 

Despite the challenges of the situation, the source went on to say that feeling amongst the royal staff was positive.

They said: ‘Spirits are high and the feeling is, if we can’t do something the way we used to, we have to come up with another way to do it.’

The news comes as it was announced that Prince Charles, 71, has tested positive for the virus, while wife Camilla tested negative

Meanwhile Clarence House also released a statement asking fans to reconsider sending royals letters or cards at this time, due to ‘reduced abilities’ in the household.

The household normally covers the communication for Prince Charles and Camilla, as well as the Cambridges and the Sussexes.  

It comes as it emerged Prince Charles is working at his desk ‘as usual’ today despite having coronavirus. 

The Prince of Wales, 71, has a ‘mild’ form of the illness and is on the Balmoral estate with his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who has tested negative and is without any symptoms of the virus, which has killed 465 and infected 9,500 more in the UK so far.

Meanwhile Buckingham Palace released a photo of the Queen on the phone to Prime Minister in a move to calm fears for her health.

Royal aides are said to be working furiously on the ‘technical side’ to ensure the monarchy can continue to work as normal, with some talk of moving engagements online 

It comes after The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have relocated with their children to their home in Norfolk,  are sid to be ‘revamping their work’ in response to the crisis.

They recently visited NHS 111 to thank staff for their help, while Prince William was also the first member of The Firm to speak to the nation during the crisis in a video released last week.

Earlier this week an expert claimed Prince William is set to ‘step up into statesman role’ during the coronavirus crisis and will lead the Royal Family’s efforts to support the nation.

Speaking to Australian website 9Honey, Katie Nicholl said the move was ‘significant’, adding that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the ‘best placed’ members of the royal family to be ‘pillars of support’ for the nation at the moment.    

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