Rose West never thought murder accomplice husband Fred ‘would go that far’

Rose West never thought murder accomplice husband Fred ‘would go that far’

Rose West says she never thought her husband Fred could be so evil.

She told crime author Brian Masters that she “didn’t realise he would go that far”.

The vile pair killed at least 10 youngsters together – including two of their own children.

But in a warped interview behind bars, Rose claimed she never thought Fred would be as evil as he was.

She has refused pleas by police for her to speak to a psychologist since being jailed in 1995.

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But she did speak to Brian, who has now told all about their prison meeting for the first time.

He said: “I met Rosemary West after the conclusion of her trial. I gathered from that meeting, the only meeting I had with her, that she was first of all unsure of herself.

“Secondly she was embarrassed by the entire circus which has surrounded her name. And thirdly that she did not really know how to interpret what had happened.

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“When I met her in prison, she did say one thing…she said, ‘Look, I did realise quite early on that Fred was no good. But I didn’t know he would’ve gone that far.’”

Brian also attended West’s trial and was struck by how much she distanced herself from her husband.

In new crime series Making A Monster, he said: “You saw it in court. If they brushed past each other in the witness box, she made sure he never came in touching distance. She broke all contact with him eventually, of any kind.”

West, 66, was convicted of 10 murders and will die behind bars. Fred committed suicide before his trial.

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