Rachel Weisz celebrates Golden Globe nominations with Emma Stone, Olivia Colman

Rachel Weisz celebrates Golden Globe nominations with Emma Stone, Olivia Colman

How goes the kingdom? In The Favourite star Rachel Weisz’s court, the halls are decked with paper cutouts of Emma Stone and Olivia Colman (plus a shiny new Golden Globe nomination rests comfortably under her belt). So, the answer is: pretty damn good.

“Oh, I have those up on my wall!” an excited Weisz tells EW of the hilarious crafts she made in her Favourite costars’ likeness — and subsequently brought onstage to accept an ensemble acting honor at November’s Gotham Awards  — which she says watched her celebrate her fresh Golden Globe nomination Thursday morning. “I can see the ladies anytime I feel like it. It’s great!”

Also a great experience, per Weisz, was cultivating a distinctly human tone rarely afforded to films starring multiple female characters in director Yorgos Lanthimos’ period drama, which revolves around two women — her Lady Sarah, a close friend and adviser to Queen Anne (Colman) and a new servant, Abigail (Stone) — competing for the sovereign’s affections.

Despite each of the film’s core actresses landing a Golden Globe nomination, Weisz says she hopes the success leads to “a time when having two or three female leads isn’t a rare occurrence.”

“It’s thrilling…. to work with [Emma and Olivia] and to watch three women deal in love, power, politics, envy, their erotic life, and their power aspirations,” she continues. “They’re complex. They can be cruel, they can be kind, they can be heartbroken; they’re everything, which is all you can ask for in portraying a human in storytelling. Often, women in stories can be oversimplified.”

Weisz credits the success of her performance to Lanthimos’ direction as much as she does her fellow actresses, as the film is a “reversal” of historical drama patterns by placing its oddball, conniving gang of supporting male characters (Nicholas Hoult, Joe Alwyn) “in the heels and the makeup and the wigs” as “peripheral and slightly ridiculous” for a change.

But as the merits of the film (and her performance) sink in at the top of awards season, Weisz hasn’t yet decided how she’s going to properly toast her Golden Globe accomplishment — which might have just laid the foundation for her first follow-up Oscar nomination after winning the Academy Award for her work in 2005’s The Constant Gardner.

“It’s too fresh! I’m just very happy for the film,” she admits. “I haven’t figured it out.”

Perhaps her wallflower queens have some suggestions.

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