Police Applaud Biker for Not Killing Road-Rager Who Pulled a Knife on Him

Police Applaud Biker for Not Killing Road-Rager Who Pulled a Knife on Him

That moment when you realize you've brought a knife to a gun fight.

He has knuckledusters on one hand, a gun in the other… and he’s the hero of the story, according to police.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office in Florida are applauding a biker for not killing a road-rager who pulled a knife on him.

The incident occurred shortly after 1 PM Tuesday, when dispatch received six separate 911 calls informing them there was an armed confrontation at Pine Lakes Parkway and Whirlaway Drive. The whole thing was all captured on film, thanks to the biker’s wife who was riding pillion.

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The couple told police that the driver of a Silver Toyota Tacoma had cut them off, and both vehicles pulled over. According to investigators, 50-year-old Rafael Vincent Rivera then emerged from his vehicle armed with a knife.

“Concerned there was about to be a physical altercation, the victim grabbed his metallic knuckles,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The video shows the two men squaring up — when suddenly Rivera slashes at the biker with his knife. Without flinching, the biker calmly reaches inside his leather vest and produces a handgun, which he points at Rivera… who suddenly becomes a lot less aggressive.

Rivera encourages witnesses to call police, which he then does himself, informing dispatch that someone had just pulled a gun on him. He forgets to mention his own knife, but the biker’s wife helpfully reminds him she has caught it all on film.

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Deputies arrived moments later and detained both men; but after reviewing the video, interviewing witnesses and both parties — only one was taken into custody.

Rivera was arrested on a charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon without Intent to Kill, and held on no bond.

The biker meanwhile, who is a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) license holder, was hit with nothing but praise

“Traffic disagreements should never result in violence in our streets. In this particular incident, the video captured by the victim’s wife clearly shows that her husband’s life was threatened,” said Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly. “I applaud the way the motorcyclist handled this situation.”

“After his life was clearly threatened, he lawfully defended himself and then de-escalated the situation. The offender is lucky he was not shot.”

Sheriff Staly added: “I also remind the community to not take traffic enforcement in your own hands and control your anger. Call the Sheriff’s Office instead.”

According to the Sheriff, Rivera has been “a guest in the Green Roof Inn” four different times since 2015, on three felony and four misdemeanor charges involving theft and trespassing…. the “Green Roof Inn” being the rather droll nickname for their jail:

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