Plus size model making £21k a month ‘jiggling fat’ tells fans to let go of shame

Plus size model making £21k a month ‘jiggling fat’ tells fans to let go of shame

A plus sized model who makes a whopping £21,000 a month on OnlyFans posted about how she makes herself her “happiest self” on Instagram.

Young mum Audrey Aura makes a fortune off her loyal fans online – who pay her to access her X-rated content and to create custom clips for their eyes alone.

The 23-year-old Instagram and OnlyFans star, from Australia, is often asked to “jiggle her fat” or do nude jumping jacks for cash.

But, on top of her cheeky account, the plus sized model is also a coach who helps other women to achieve their goals on social media.

In a recent post to the social media site, curvy Audrey shared a sexy photo of herself lounging on the sofa.

The plus sized model wore a skimpy two-piece pyjama set.

The outfit was made up of a tiny pair of black hot pants and a low plunge crop top with lace detailing.

As she relaxed on the couch, Audrey kept her tousled blonde hair down and donned a pair of glasses.

In the caption, she explained that there are five things everyone should “give up” in order to be happy.

Audrey said: “Five things to give up in order to be your happiest, best self:

“Fear of change, living in shame of your past, negative self talk, gossiping (seriously, this does no good for the subconscious, the need for control.”

In the comments, Audrey’s fans expressed admiration for the sexy photo and her caption.

One follower said: “Very good advice,” while another added: “Beautiful body”.

A third said Audrey looked “absolutely beautiful.”

Previously, Audrey spoke up about the strange requests she received on OnlyFans and why she loves her career.

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The model said: “It's given me the opportunity to embrace my body and have more confidence in myself and opened my eyes to see how many people have interest in plus size women.

“I was super surprised when my first custom request was simply a video of myself star-jumping, but nude.

“I was more than willing to comply…

“I think it's empowering to know that plus size people aren't always seen as disgusting, like society portrays us, and there are people who see us as beautiful and sexy.”

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