Pet Owners Say These $8 Plush Toys from Amazon Entertain Even the Pickiest of Cats

Pet Owners Say These $8 Plush Toys from Amazon Entertain Even the Pickiest of Cats

When it comes to finding toys that will actually keep your feline friend's attention, it can be quite a struggle. Whether it's the spinning gizmo that gets less attention than the cardboard box it came in, or the shoestring than Mittens prefers over her basket full of fancy toys, cats prove time and time again it's their world and we're just living in it. 

That considered, when a particular toy does steal the eye of even the most "picky" of cats, it's cause to take note. And that's exactly what Amazon shoppers have to say about the Pet Craft Supply Batty Bird and Quirky Quail Plush Cat Toy. 

One glance at the plush bird toys may be enough for you to want to add them to your cart, but it's not just the cuteness factor that sells them. The $8 toy has made it onto Amazon's best-selling cat toy chart, and has a review section filled with shoppers who have happy cats at home thanks to the purchase. 

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"This is my second time ordering these because my two cats absolutely love them," one reviewer said. "We got the first set maybe a year ago, and they both have been playing with the old ones; they love the new ones but still won't give up the old ones! It's interesting because we bought them toys from the pet store or grocery store and they have no interest in those, but they go crazy for [these]. If cats could write (or type) they'd each give two thumbs up, if they had opposable thumbs."

So what's the secret of this attention-stealing cat toy? The plush birds and their realistic-looking feathers are filled with potent organic catnip, which activates cats' senses and natural hunting instincts. And since the plush birds are made from non-toxic materials and pesticide-free catnip, you can rest assured that they'll be both happily — and healthily — entertained for as long as possible. 

"Our kitty is picky about toys, but he loved these," another shopper said. "It's the first toy he plays with more often than not. At night I can hear him in the living room tossing the bird around." And that? Music to any cat parent's ears. 

Head to Amazon to get the $8 stuffed plush toy the cat-owning shoppers of Amazon are swearing by. 

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