People tell us the best and worst outdoor sex they've had

People tell us the best and worst outdoor sex they've had

Having sex outdoors is always a bit of a gamble.

There’s the risk of getting caught, which undoubtedly adds to the excitement for some people – but this could end in shambles or even a fine/arrest, depending on what you get up to.

There’s also the comfort level – like if you decide to get freaky in the forest and cut precious genitals or other body parts on rough grass or bark.

Or perhaps you get sand in places one should not get sand, if you have sex on the beach.

Then again, outdoor sex can be fantastic, if done properly.

Never experienced it yourself? For inspiration, and laughs, here are five stories from people who have tried it.

From angry hate sex in a London park to using sex toys on a fishing trip, they share their best and worst experiences of outdoor sex.

Ebony*, 23

‘When I was with my ex boyfriend we used to go fishing all the time – during the day, and overnight stays.

We’d do it in the bushes whilst waiting for fish.

‘It was fab because we could take all of our toys and nobody is going to hear your vibrators in the countryside are they?

‘I used to walk around with anal butt plugs in during the summer. It feels a lot naughtier outside.’

Belle*, 30

‘I went to a 21st bday party and instantly clicked with a guy, I just knew I wanted to have sex with him.

‘So we chatted a bit, and then decided to head outside, as we couldn’t get together in the house because there was a party going on and all the rooms were filled with people either partying or sleeping.

‘We had to cross the road and head into a local church garden (basically a graveyard) and tried to have sex up against the church, but standing up sex is always a bit tricky, so we found a trampoline in the church playground and had sex on that instead.

‘And then basically gave up and had sex on the cold, hard ground at 4am in January in a church car park.

‘It was absolutely freezing and neither of us came. Hilariously disappointing and kind of creepy.’

Stevie, 34

‘I had a first date in a quiet, dandelion-lined grove in a park in central London where I was grilled within an inch of my life – to the point I was huddled, clutching my knees like a child contemplating my own existence and morals.

‘The date-slash-interrogation lasted until dusk, then conversation died so like I wrapped it up.

‘But watching me clean up our mess, our eyes locked – and she pounced.

‘We had sex hidden in-between trees with a fully-manned football match to our right and a swan-filled lake surrounded by families and toddlers to our left.

‘It didn’t last long but it was oddly great – we had sex like we hated each other. It was glorious, spiteful and angry.

‘I texted her a week later saying I didn’t believe we were a love match. She replied saying she appreciated the text.’

Dean*, 29

‘I lived with my parents throughout university and so did my boyfriend at the time.

‘This unfortunately meant we couldn’t really have sex in a bed because my family was quite religious and he wasn’t out to his – so we opted for sex in cars and parks instead.

‘On one occasion, we drove to a local national park and found a path that looked fairly secluded. After some careful looking around, we started getting frisky.

‘We must’ve got carried away and let our guard down because next thing we knew, a guy walking his dog appeared next to us as my boyfriend was f***ing me.

‘We quickly stopped and the man made some sort of horrified noise and briskly walked off.

‘We went back to our car and finished having sex, which was oddly even more exciting after being caught.’

Patricio*, 30

‘Before getting together with my current girlfriend, I used to sleep with people more casually.

‘There was one time in my old university where I went for a walk with a friend with benefits, and we ended up having sex on the beach in the middle of the night.

‘It was one of those beaches with a raised flood wall, and the shore was below, I remember we could definitely hear hear people walking past overhead so we had to keep quiet (but thankfully we couldn’t be seen).

‘All I remember is the sound of waves crashing and the night sky made it really hot, in addition to the risk of being discovered.

‘Although it was quite uncomfortable! (It was a pebble beach).’

Amber, 22

‘So it was 5am in summer, and it was so bright it literally looked like the middle of the day.

‘We couldn’t go to mine or their house, and thought ‘f*** it, let’s try outside’.

‘I was too scared to do it in visibility of people’s houses – instead, we walked under this quite large bridge nearby and tried to do it there.

‘I put down a coat and get on my back, we start and he can’t stay hard for more than seven seconds because he’s nervous.

‘While fumbling about we suddenly hear dog walkers and literally pull up our pants and run away.

‘I didn’t speak to him for a while after that, and we never had sex again.’

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