People reveal the reasons their partner's family don't like them

People reveal the reasons their partner's family don't like them

Women reveal why their boyfriend’s family REALLY hate them – from a man who is bitter that his ex is dating his brother to a snobby mother who doesn’t want her son marrying a waitress

  • Users of social media app Whisper have shared reasons their in-laws dislike them
  • One admitted  it’s because the family want her partner to go back to his ex
  • Another woman thinks it’s because she comes from a council estate 

Meeting the in-laws during the early days of a new relationship is hard enough… but when they don’t like you, it can be a romance deal-breaker. 

In a new thread on anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper, people have been writing up the reasons their other half’s family haven’t taken a shine to them.

One poster says her religion proved an insurmountable barrier, while another thinks it’s because she’s 26 years younger than the person she’s involved with. 

Here, FEMAIL presents some of the shocking – and heartbreaking – reasons why people are shunned by their partner’s parents…

While many  families would question a 26-year age gap in a relationship, this anonymous woman says she’s still a better option than his ex who’s a drug addict

Does religion matter when two people are in love? Apparently so, says this person

This anonymous user from the US has revealed her boyfriend’s family thinks she’s using him but is desperate to make them see she really does love him

Class war: This anonymous woman says her boyfriend’s family doesn’t approve of her because she works as a waitress and is from a council estate

This user from Dunbar says his boyfriend’s family doesn’t approve of their interracial gay relationship but the difficulties have only made their love flourish

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The ex! While this user from Fullerton, California, is respectful to her boyfriend’s family, his mother dislikes her because she reminds her of his ex

A woman from White Plains, in New York State, says her boyfriend’s brother hates her because he’s not only her boss but they used to have a thing

Heartbreaking! A woman from Seymour, in Indiana, says her boyfriend’s family don’t like her because she’s shy…but admits there’s deeper reasons as to why she can’t speak up

This anonymous user admits she smoked weed, but now her boyfriend’s father doesn’t like her because he thinks she forced his son to smoke it also

Trying to be respectful! This woman from Grayslake, in Illinois, says her boyfriend’s family dislike her because she’s a totally different race and religion

This lady from the US has admitted her boyfriend told her that his family dislike her purely because she’s American

No kids for her! This anonymous lady from the US admitted to her boyfriend’s mother that she’s never having children and now the mother is no longer a fan

Success! There’s always rivalry in families but this woman from Chicago says her boyfriend’s family hates her because she’s not as successful as his brother’s girlfriend

This anonymous woman says her boyfriend’s sister hates her because she thinks she’s controlling

Money money money! While this woman from Altamonte Springs, in Florida, says her boyfriend’s father hates her because she’s not rich…

No more messages: A woman from Thrift, in Texas, told her boyfriend’s family to ‘stop blowing up my phone with so many messages’ and now says they hate her

This woman from Bellingham, in Washington, says her boyfriend’s parents hate her because she’s not a Christian and they’ve tried breaking them up because they hate them living together

This person from Portsmouth says her boyfriend’s family doesn’t like her because she’s black! And adds: ‘it doesn’t matter what race you are!’

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