People mindblown by sun visor hack which helps defrost your car quicker

People mindblown by sun visor hack which helps defrost your car quicker

Temperatures across the UK have plummeted – and many Brits have even braved turning the heating on.

On miserable dark mornings, motorists are forced to take extra time out in the cold to complete the gruelling ritual of defrosting their cars.

If you’re lucky, a quick blast of the heaters is enough to get the windshield clear, but on colder frostier days you need something more.

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One woman claims that you can use your sun visor to cut down the pesky process – and it’s cost-free.

According to The Mirror, mum Sara Deutsch explained to her TikTok followers how simply moving your sun visors could make a world of difference.

In the video, she claims drivers should start by blasting the hot air onto the window as normal.

But motorists should pull down their visors when they're defrosting the car.

The mum says it should find that the defrosting process is far quicker after completing the simple tip.

Captioning the post, Sarah wrote: "Teen drivers need to know this! Frozen windshields are about to be a thing with all the cold and snow."

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She explained: "So, I do this video every year. If you have a windshield that is frosted over – make sure to put your visors down, so it stops the airflow and it creates a faster defrost on your windshield.

"If you ever have a sheet of ice on your car or when it's frosted – put the [sun visor] down. Otherwise, you can feel the air come straight up over it.

"If you put the [sun visor] down, it creates a block, so that it actually defrosts faster."

Since Posting, Sarah's video has surpassed a whopping 2.7 million views to date and has left viewers flocking to the comments to praise the mum's tip.

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"That's actually pretty smart," one person gushed.

"Teens????" One person questioned. "I'm 40! I didn't know that!"

A third agreed: "I'm sorry a teen driver… I just learned this at 32 lol."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "36. news to me. I've been using washer fluid."

A different user penned: "As a Canadian, what the f***- why no one taught me THIS?"


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