People can’t stop talking about ‘Hot Jafar’ in the new Aladdin

People can’t stop talking about ‘Hot Jafar’ in the new Aladdin

‘We’ll be rooting for evil!’ Social media goes gaga over ‘Hot Jafar’ after sneak peek images of the live-action Aladdin remake are released – catapulting the hunky actor to internet stardom

  • The first pictures of Disney’s live action Aladdin remake released on Wednesday
  • People couldn’t stop talking about ‘Hot Jafar’, played by Marwan Kenzari, 35
  • The Tunisian-Dutch dominated the news feeds with people saying they were on the side of the villain based on the casting 
  • People also were talking about how Genie, played by Will Smith, wasn’t blue and that Aladdin appeared to be wearing a shirt unlike his animated predecessor 
  • Disney’s upcoming live-action film is set to release on May 24, 2019 

The release of the first images of Disney’s Aladdin remake has caused a stir on social media as people react to the cast chosen to play the iconic animated roles. 

One character in particular, Jafar, has taken over all conversations as people express how ‘hot’ the actor is that will play the iconic villain. 

Hot Jafar, as he has been referred to by everyone in order to avoid confusion with Animated Jafar, will be played by Tunisian-Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari for the movie set to release in May 2019. 

Revealed: The cast of Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake caused a stir on social media Wednesday after the release of pictures by Entertainment Weekly 

Amazing: The actor causing the most stir on social media was Marwan Kenzari, who will be playing the villain Jafar 

Incredible: People started to refer to Marwan, 35, as Hot Jafar so it would not confuse people from Animated Jafar 

Fair: Fans expressed how they would definitely go see the film now that they know Marwan is in the movie as Jafar 

Attention towards the character started on Wednesday after Entertainment Weekly released exclusive photos with the actors who would be stepping into the iconic role for the live-action remake. 

The picture of Hot Jafar, played by 35-year-old Marwan, shows him wearing a turban and full-on cape for his upcoming role. 

And people were living for it. 

‘I hope Jafar wins,’ journalist David Mack wrote after the photos were released. He was not the only one who was rooting for the villain over Aladdin. 

Another person wrote: ‘Hot Jafar…we WILL be rooting for evil.’ 

After the release of the first images for the movie, people admitted that the actor playing Jafar might be the sole reason they decided to see the new Disney film. 

‘Just waiting to see Marwan Kenzari… that is all #Aladdin,’ one fan wrote. Marwan has previously appeared in movies including What Happened to Monday and Murder on the Orient Express.

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Handsome: The Tunisian-Dutch actor has previously appeared in What Happened to Monday and Murder on the Orient Express 

True: People jokingly said they couldn’t imagine Jasmine choosing Aladdin over Jafar if he looked like Marwan 

Living for it: Hot Jafar took over social media on Wednesday after the pictures first released

Hilarious: One person said that Jafar looked like a ‘super nice dude’ based on the pictures 

Other people thought the good-looking actor could cause a problem for the plot of the movie. 

‘So you mean to tell me that in this movie, Jasmine is supposed to want to WILLINGLY choose Aladdin, (a broke liar) over a rich Jafar lookin like THIS?!’ One fan questioned once Hot Jafar started trending on social media. 

Canadian actor Mena Massoud, 27, is set to play Aladdin. And there were fans expressing excitement to see the actor take on the role, but others were just more focused on the villain. 

‘Honestly, Jafar looks like a super nice dude who would throw lavish parties with the dopest mixtapes,’ one person wrote. 

The live-action movie dominated the news cycle for multiple reasons, not just because Hot Jafar was causing excitement. 

Funny: One person joked about how the plot might change now that the villain is good looking 

Opinionated: Another fan said that Hot Jafar was the best thing the live-action movie could do for itself 

Priorities: Fans also said Jasmine better kiss Jafar in the live-action movie before ultimately picking Aladdin in the end 

Some people were upset because Mena as Aladdin was pictured with a shirt on instead of off like his animated predecessor. 

People also had issues with Will Smith, who will play Genie, not being painted blue for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. 

But the 50-year-old actor later clarified the reasoning behind him appearing normal for the cover. 

‘I’m gonna be BLUE!’ Will responded to one fan on Instagram. ‘This is how the Genie is in Human/Disguise Form. My character will be CGI most of the movie.’ 

Fans will have a hard time waiting for the film to release on May 24, 2019, after all the excitement that ensued after the release of pictures.    

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