‘People assume I’m dumb because of my blonde hair – I’m actually very clever’

‘People assume I’m dumb because of my blonde hair – I’m actually very clever’

A law student is living the life of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Lowri Rose-Williams is often mistaken for a “dumb blonde” because she has Barbie-style hair, glamorous makeup and a sharp sense of style.

Similarly to Reese Witherspoon’s character, she has an all-pink wardrobe and a miniature dog who she dresses up.

The 22-year-old is branded an 'air-head' by people who judge her appearance before realising she’s a second-year law undergraduate.

She’s also accused of being “brainless” as she runs an OnlyFans page alongside her studies.

But despite all the negativity, she refuses to ditch her trademark 'Barbie Bimbo' look, which she says has helped her rake in more than £43,000 ($60,000) in the last seven months.

Lowri said: "I have ridiculously long nails and super long eyelashes and I get my hair done really often, which is expensive but worth it to have really long platinum hair.

"I think that's why people think I'm an air-head because I just look like a little doll.

"The first thing people argue is that girls who do OnlyFans are really stupid and people will say I don't have a brain but I'm actually very clever.

"People will talk down to me a lot and poke jokes at me being dumb, especially men – I feel like people dismiss me a lot and assume I don't have anything of value to say.

"It's upsetting sometimes because I feel like people have this weird idea of me but then when people actually get to know me they change their mind.”

She continued: "When I tell them I study law it's always a shock and an 'I told you so' moment – they look like an idiot.

"I bring it up almost like it's a weapon – I say it and then I feel like I get regarded a bit more.

"Sometimes people don't believe me or I'll play a game of 'what degree do you think I do' and they'll always say make-up so it's a big shock when I say law."

Lowri is used to being judged for her appearance as she’s been dying her hair since she was a teenager.

She explained "I first dyed my hair blonde when I was 16 and that's when it started.”

Lowri continued: "A lot of Barbie merch came out and I got obsessed with that and that's when I made my TikTok account and called it Barbie Spice.

"People always call me that [Elle Woods from the film Legally Blonde] because I have the most ridiculous outfits and a tiny dog and do law.

"I have a little Pug called Harley – she wears a pink sweater that I bought her."

The social media star, who got BBB at A Level, hopes to go into business when she graduates from her law degree.

She’s certainly got experience making money, having raked in thousands on OnlyFans.

Lowri added: "I already had a big following on TikTok so it made sense to start making a profit from it and I've always followed girls who do Only Fans and wanted to do it.

"I started in March – I have a good friend that does it so we had a chat and she showed me how to do it and set up my page and it went from there.

"My family disowned me when they found out a few months ago because they're extremely religious but I'm better off now anyway."

She hopes sharing her story will encourage others not to judge someone on their appearance.

The student added: "You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover because everyone has something different to offer and you shouldn't just disregard someone because of how they present themselves."

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