Pastor turned OnlyFans star realised ‘desire’ to be naked after seeing Titanic

Pastor turned OnlyFans star realised ‘desire’ to be naked after seeing Titanic

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Bisexual pastor-turned-stripper Nikole Mitchell has revealed that she’s had an urge to show off her body for as long as she can remember.

The OnlyFans star from southern California has confessed that even before she rose through the ranks of a US mega church to preach in front of thousands of people, she knew in heart what her true calling was.

And she pinpoints watching Titanic and seeing Kate Winslet in the buff as a defining moment that helped focus her mind on what she really wanted to do.

“It was like these deep desires I always had,” Nikole told the Till Death Us Do Pod show.

“I remember in middle school thinking, ‘Doesn’t everyone want to be a stripper?’

“I was in super tiny private Christian schools and super tiny little churches – I did not have exposure to that kind of world. But something in me already knew about it and I just thought, ‘Doesn’t want everyone want to perform? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t’.

“I remember being in eighth grade watching the movie Titanic, and when the camera pans across Kat Winslet’s naked body, I remember thinking ‘I want to do that when I get older’.

“So these desires were always there but I had no one to talk about it because I quickly learned this is not the kind of conversation you have inside the church, unfortunately.”

It was in her 30s that mum-of-three Nikole realised she was bisexual. She walked out on her church in July 2017, never looking back, and now rakes in the dough as a stripper and a life coach.

Her sizzling OnlyFans account gives her fans access to her nude photos and videos, and lets them interact with her in one-on-one settings.

Nikole was brought up in a baptist family in Ohio and she became even more fervently religious during her 20s. She has told how she spent six years not even kissing a man as "Jesus was my boyfriend".

But she hasn’t looked back since leaving the church, and now she earns more than £70,000 a month.

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