Paris Of The East: What Makes Baku One Of The Most Expensive & Luxurious Cities For Travelers

Paris Of The East: What Makes Baku One Of The Most Expensive & Luxurious Cities For Travelers

Baku is an exciting blend of oil-driven modernization and ancient Asian civilizations, making it one of the most luxurious tourist destinations. With modern skyscrapers juxtaposed with the historic architecture of local mosques and other landmarks, the city offers a fantastic blend of the old and the contemporary.


Baku is the perfect unknown tourist destination, and there are numerous activities available. Highlights include savoring the local cuisine, exploring historical palaces, and strolling through the city to enjoy both the historic and modern architecture. Here is what makes Baku one of the most expensive and luxurious cities for travelers.

The Local Cuisine Is Amazing

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Similar to the country’s history, Azerbaijan’s cuisine is rich and diverse, drawing inspiration from both its biodiversity and geographical neighbors. With nine of the world’s eleven temperate zones, Azerbaijan’s soil fertility provides an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and herbs for local cuisine. In Azeri cuisine, eggplant, rice, meat, lamb, soups, kebabs, and dumplings are staples. There are numerous restaurants in Baku that provide traditional Azerbaijani cuisine such as plov, dolma, and Qutab, as well as Armenian, Georgian, and Middle Eastern-inspired menus.



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The City’s History Is Fascinating

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It is impossible to piece together Azerbaijan’s history due to the fact that significant papers and artifacts have been lost or destroyed as a result of the country’s many shifts in political leadership. This is pretty terrible for an area that has evidence of human occupancy as far back as the Stone Age, while other regions of the country have ancient tools that have been dated to over one million years old.


Baku has been ruled by a number of distinct civilizations throughout recent history, from the Persians to the Russians to the Soviets, and the architectural diversity of the city reflects these various differences. Where else in the world would tourists find old watchtowers, gorgeous mosques, colonialist theaters, Communist architecture, and contemporary buildings coexisting?

Baku Is Somewhere Most People Haven’t Been

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Baku is the ideal tourist destination for those who take satisfaction in getting off the beaten path. Whether travelers are looking for a quick city vacation or a deep dive into Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, it’s a place that’s sure to inspire debate at hostel dinners and high school reunions! Baku has so many tales to tell due to its location on the Silk Route, the famed route followed by nomads and merchants seeking greater commercial opportunities across Asia.


They would relax and heal at inns and hotels known as caravanserais. It is astounding to see that the architecture of these Caravanserais is quite consistent across thousands of miles of the Silk Route. Two well-preserved caravanserais from the 14th century are located in Baku. This is a nice area to enjoy a drink or two in the shade of ancient trees and is still active.


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It’s The Land Of Fire

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Azerbaijan has been known as the Land of Fire for ages and this has resulted in it becoming one of the best places to visit. It was formerly home to the Zoroastrians, or fire-worshippers, due to the country’s massive underground natural gas reserves, which sparked seemingly spontaneous earth fires. Despite the fact that many of the country’s natural resources were depleted by the occupying powers during the 20th century, there are still a handful of eternal flames burning in the land.


Both Yanar Dag and Ateshgah Fire Temple are well worth a visit and are within a half-hour drive of Baku. Ateshgah is an ancient Zoroastrian pilgrimage place with a flame that is presently supplied by the city’s gas infrastructure, whereas Yanar Dag is an eternal flame emanating from a mountainside. The nation’s fondness for fire is evident, with Baku’s skyline offering the greatest tribute. The distinctive Flame Towers of the city are a modern tribute to the ancients who formerly worshiped here.

Baku Is A City Made For Strolling

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Baku is one of the top cities to visit since it is extremely pedestrian-friendly, and it is simple to go around on foot during the day (and night). Take an afternoon stroll in the Old City, meandering among its alleys and concealed alcoves. Take a stroll along the promenade before supper to get a fantastic view of the Caspian Sea and the newest buildings appearing along the coast.


After supper, spend some time with the residents on Nizami Street, which serves as the primary core of activity in the area. It is mostly a pedestrian and shopping district, and it is bordered on both sides by underground restaurants and bars. However, the best activity can be found higher up, when the city comes to life as inhabitants walk their dogs, catch up with one another for tea, and simply take in the ambiance far into the evening.


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