Overlooked cat finally rehomed after months in cattery thanks to emotional poem

Overlooked cat finally rehomed after months in cattery thanks to emotional poem

A ten-year-old cat who struggled to find a family for eight months has finally been chosen after an RSPCA staff member wrote a poem about him.

Staff at the RSPCA Cat Hub had tried everything they could to find Bucky a home, but he kept being overlooked.

That was until Sophie Moran-Barker, rehoming coordinator, wrote a poem about Bucky being so sad seeing all the other, much younger cats going off to their forever homes before him.

She posted the poem online and it tugged at Sam Dove’s heartstrings so much it brought tears to her eyes and she knew she had to adopt him.

So, three weeks ago, she brought Bucky back to her home in Darlington and he has already settled in so well with Sam and her family.

‘There was a little poem about him being overlooked which my daughter sent to me,’ says Sam.

‘She had been sending me lots of posts on him as he had been there for ages.

‘I had cats around 30 years ago before I met my husband who is allergic to cats, so we never really considered it until my daughter adopted hers and I remembered just how nice it was to have one around.

‘Every time they posted something on Bucky, my daughter Jessica would share it and I knew I wanted him but I had to convince my husband first. Reading the poem made me cry and I just had to adopt him.

‘When Andrew said yes, I couldn’t get downstairs quick enough to get the form filled out.’

‘Looking through my window, they often come then go,’ reads the poem – which is written from the perspective of little Bucky.

‘”Oh yes!” she says, “he is still available”. No wait, is she speaking of me!

‘She gazes over in my direction. But her eyes move left and are not for me, but Fluffy.’

The heart-wrenching poem speaks of Bucky’s pain as he waits and wishes for his forever family.

Bucky, formerly known as Harry, came into the RSPCA Cat Hub in February when his owner could no longer meet his needs. But now he has finally landed on his paws with his loving new family.

Sam adds: ‘He’s just so lovely, it’s like he’s been here all the time and it’s only been three weeks. He’s so good natured especially considering he was in the cattery for such a long time.

‘He will headbutt my hand for more fuss and come and sit with me on the bed whilst I have my morning cup of tea.

‘And despite taking some convincing, my husband absolutely loves him and gets down on the floor to make a fuss of him.’

Andrew manages his allergy with a nasal antihistamine spray, but hasn’t experienced any reaction so far so is likely to reduce the use of this in time.

‘For an older cat he’s really playful and he’s also really vocal,’ adds Sam. ‘I think it’s quite sweet how vocal he is. We hear him shouting for us as he follows us around. It’s like he’s talking to you.

‘I absolutely love him, he’s so good natured, pretty and handsome. He’s just part of the family now.’

Sam explained that previously she would have only considered getting a kitten rather than a 10-year-old cat but after her daughter Jessica and her fiancé Bobby adopted 12-year-old Tigger from the SSPCA in Scotland in July, Sam knew she wanted to do the same – and she’s so happy she did.

‘I think it’s good to raise awareness about what great pets older cats can be as I know they can get overlooked which is so sad,’ says Sam. ‘The benefit of having an older cat is there’s just no fuss or hassle, he knows what he’s got to do.

‘We would always get an older cat now. It doesn’t matter how old they are, they are just as affectionate and lovely.’

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