Our neighbour built 'Britain's BIGGEST man cave' illegally – he says he sold it but he's still making our life a misery | The Sun

Our neighbour built 'Britain's BIGGEST man cave' illegally – he says he sold it but he's still making our life a misery | The Sun

NEIGHBOURS of "Britain's biggest mancave's" millionaire owner claim he's STILL making their lives a misery – even though he claims he sold his sprawling mansion.

Accountant Graham Wildin, 70, told a court he sold his home, including the illegally built 10,000sq/ft leisure complex, to a mystery “Mexican man”.

He lost yet another legal battle over the property yesterday despite claiming that the property is “mothballed”.

Furious locals took to social media after the verdict to express their irritation at Wildin's continuous refusal to dismantle the building.

One wrote: "There are loads of people waiting for planning permission and it's not cheap, why does he think he's above the law when he's more able to afford to more to a property more suitable to his needs?"

Another person wrote: "It's a legal requirement for all land transactions to be undertaken in writing and lodged with the Land Registry – as an accountant this is something he is fully aware so there will be a public record of the transaction."


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A search on Gov.UK's land and property information service shows that there have been no recent sales of property on Church Road, where Wildin lives, as of March 2.

Other critics expressed their “doubts” about Wildin's claimed sale of the site, with one person writing: "Very convenient.

"Just lock him up and send in scrap merchant's and bulldozers. He thinks he is above everyone else. Sorry to be so harsh. Looks like money talking here."

While another person joked: "The council should now do a compulsory purchase on the cave now, give the new owner £2 – he's doubled his money."

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Wildin was locked up last year for failing to comply with a court order to decommission the building.

He lost his latest court battle yesterday after three High Court judges said it was right to jail him for defying court orders During proceedings, he claimed he had sold the complex to a Mexican man for just £1 and produced land registry documents to prove he was no longer the legal owner.

He also claimed it could no longer be accessed legally with most of the contents moved to other family members.

Despite his claims, the High Court said it had no bearing on the existing case as it happened after he was sentenced and jailed.

Wildin was ordered to pay £9,962 in costs and Forest of Dean District Council will now decide whether to pursue the matter further legally.

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