OnlyFans model claims tattoo artist ‘performed sex act’ on her mid-inking

OnlyFans model claims tattoo artist ‘performed sex act’ on her mid-inking

A heavily-inked OnlyFans model shocked fans when she claimed her tattoo artist got down and dirty with her during an appointment.

Valentina Thorne, who posts online under the username @onlychemo, shared a video stating that she had a sexual encounter during one of her tattoo appointments.

The self-professed 'femme fatale' dominatrix, from Brighton, claims she didn't know other people had similar experiences too.

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In the clip, which has gained more than 5,000 views, she said: "I got fingered by my tattooist once. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

"I didn't realise that this happens to other people too."

Flabbergasted fans questioned "how did that even start" but it appears she's not alone.

Valentina shared her story in response to a woman named Sisi who went viral in 2022 after claiming her tattoo artist went down on her mid-inking.

The TikTok user who posts on the app under the username @sisea666, shared a video to the 'Oh Lord' trend where she said her tattoo artist fulfilled her sexual fantasies during her visit.

In her video, which gained more than 1.9million likes, Sisi was seen looking shocked as she wrote: "Me every time I remember that my tattoo artist went down on me mid-tattoo."

She added in the caption: "#fantasyfulfilled."

In the comments, she was forced to defend the artist, adding that the experience was consensual.

"IT WAS CONSENSUAL and I took the story time down because people were saying I was assaulted and I don’t want the artist to get in trouble," she said.

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Viewers were shocked and divided by the bizarre sex confession as they claimed she was living the dream.

However, others could scarcely believe it happened and took to the comments claiming there was "no way" it could have happened.


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