Old Pokemon cards could make you millions as rare Pikachu version sells for £4m

Old Pokemon cards could make you millions as rare Pikachu version sells for £4m

Anyone who remembers playing Pokemon cards as a child is likely to have no idea where their old set is – but if you ever happen to find an unopened pack then you could be in luck.

If you know where you stashed the gaming cards then we’d urge you to have a loot at what you’ve got.

And, be happy you never gave them away or chucked them in the bin like thousands of us did.

It turns out that certain Pokemon cards could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams as keen collectors are willing to pay a premium for rare cards, reports the Liverpool Echo.

It turns out YouTuber Logan Paul paid just under £4million for a PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card last month.

Yes, you read that right, your Pokemon cards could make you a millionaire.

Popular in the Noughties, the cards each featured a different character as well as their statistics which you then used to fight one another and snap up your opponents cards for yourself.

Depending on the condition of your cards, rare and limited edition versions could sell for hundreds of thousands, or millions.

The PSA Grade denotes the condition of the card – and 10 means it’s mint with no damage of any kind.

This grade of condition means the cards are often kept in sealed pouches that prevent any damage.

And, the massive price tag on some cards is thought to be due to children who once played the game growing up and having money to spend on their collections.

Plus, during lockdown, the game saw a resurgence in popularity.

But, the cards now seem to be more an investment than a hobby.

Florence Codjoe, a finance expert at money.co.uk, has recommended, however, that anybody who is looking to buy or sell should make sure they compare prices.

She told Metro: "It’s sometimes hard to know if you’re selling for the right price, or if you’re being ripped off with one you have your eye on. Compare listings with similar ones across marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, or even niche selling sites like Cardmarket.

"It can help to compare historical sold prices too, to check you’re not overpaying."

People who are looking to sell cards that they think could be worth a lot of money are advised to approach an auction house or specialist websites that deal in the cards.

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