Nightmare neighbour told pensioners he would ‘dance and p***’ on their graves

Nightmare neighbour told pensioners he would ‘dance and p***’ on their graves

A man made his neighbours’ lives hell during a nine-year campaign of abuse and told them he would ‘p*** and dance on their graves’.

Gordon Miller tormented Beulah Walters, 80, and her 83-year-old husband Brian over access to an alleyway between their homes, and attempted to secretly make their garden smaller while they were on holiday.

He also told them he would celebrate their deaths and stopped the pensioners from using their own garage for four years, a court heard.

Miller, who was found guilty of harassing the couple, is now wanted by police as instead of attending the court hearing he jetted off to Turkey to have dental work done.

The 52-year-old was one of the country’s most notorious illegal clampers, once clamping a woman who was in the process of completing a three-point turn.

He even attempted to clamp a moving vehicle.

He was jailed for three years for blackmailing motorists he had clamped in 2005.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard how Miller had been abusive to the couple ‘hundreds of times’.

It was alleged during his campaign of harassment he also blocked the alleyway behind his house and the Walters’ with his Mercedes van and dumped rubbish outside their garage.

When Mrs Walters and her husband Brian returned from one holiday, the court heard their garden fence had vanished and Miller extended his land by two metres.

Giving evidence, Mrs Walters said: "He can be intimidating and frightening at times.

"He wants to hurt people and upset people and upset everybody and this is just what he does. This is the sort of person that he is.

"What other person would want to make anybody’s life so miserable?

"When it’s been nice and we’ve been sat out in the garden he has heard us talking, he will start talking to people and he has said ‘they’re the Christians, they’re living too long’ and ‘when they’re dead I shall p*** and dance on their graves’."

The self-employed builder was convicted in his absence of harassment between June 2009 and January this year, and failing to comply with a community protection notice by not removing junk from the alleyway.

Magistrate Ruth Dash issued a warrant for his arrest after being told he had been convicted for a separate harassment charge was facing six to eight weeks’ jail for that offence.

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