My wife wants a divorce and says she's no longer attracted to me

My wife wants a divorce and says she's no longer attracted to me

DEAR DEIDRE: THE past two years have been difficult and I’ll admit I haven’t exactly been myself but I’m struggling to take in the news that my wife is insisting on a divorce.

We were always best friends, but now there is no getting through to her.

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I have been pretty short-tempered but then, the last couple of years have been stressful.

We haven’t had sex – not once. She hasn’t been interested and I certainly haven’t been in the mood.

I’m 47 and she’s 41.

She says us separating is best for our twin boys, who are nine years old.

She says she still wants us to have family days out, but she is clear – she is no longer attracted to me.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Children are better off if their parents can create a safe and loving environment for them to grow up in.

However, if home life is unsettled and unhappy, it can be more damaging for them to grow up with both parents living under the same roof.

As painful as this is, try to focus on providing your children with some stability.

Your wife does sound like she has made up her mind, but it is still worth asking her to try to work through your differences one more time.

Suggest talking to a relationship counsellor and get in touch with which will help you both to move on to your next chapter.

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