‘My mum thinks it’s amazing I do OnlyFans – she even wants to do it herself now’

‘My mum thinks it’s amazing I do OnlyFans – she even wants to do it herself now’

A lot of parents may disapprove if their daughters told them they were selling sexy snaps and videos on raunchy site OnlyFans.

However, one model who sells content on the racy site has revealed her mum is all for it.

Model Daisy's account isn't just typical lingerie snaps either – with the mum-of-two selling snaps of her pregnant body on the site.

As well as posing in her underwear on the site, the model also shares nude pictures.

However, she refuses to show her face on there – unless you pay for a private photo, which will cost $100 (£76) per pop.

Even then, Daisy admits she won't pose nude in the snaps where she reveals her identity.

As well as nude photos, the model says people often want to see her show her stretch marks and rub lotion in her belly.

They also want to hear all about the struggles of pregnancy.

Despite some people disapproving of her account, Daisy said her mum isn't one of them.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: "I don't show my face on the internet, so not a lot of people know about my OnlyFans account.

"My mum and my brother know though. My mum was shocked when I told her.

"However when I said I'd make $11,000 (£8,000) in the first month I was on there, she said 'How do you do that? Teach me!'"

Daisy said she was working as a business consultant for tech start-ups before the Covid pandemic hit.

However, she says 'clients let them go' during the pandemic as there were no events. This lead her to starting her OnlyFans page.

Daisy continued: "My mum thinks it's amazing because in the corporate world beforehand, I would work 60/70 hours a week in an office.

"It meant I missed a lot of my kids growing up.

"She's supportive as long as I don't go into detail about things.

"It means I get to be with my family and be home with the baby all day.

"I can play the stay-at-home mum role and still bring in money."

Despite her mum being supportive, Daisy admits she's 'lost a few friends' over her account, however she said: "I don't need people who are going to judge me anyway."

Daisy admits she didn't mean for her account to focus on her pregnancy, but found out she was expecting a month after starting it.

She said: "I thought I'd have to quit as no one would want to see it, so I posted one picture and told my fans I was quitting.

"I got so much positive feedback though – so many guys said it was amazing and asked me to keep doing it, so I did. It actually helped me get even more subscribers than I had before."

The mum is now planning to get pregnant again in the next 2-3 months, so fans of her can expect to see more pregnancy content.

She previously revealed to Daily Star that her and her husband only have sex to get pregnant as he is asexual.

Instead, she saves bedroom fun for her boyfriend, with the pair being in an open relationship.

She explained: "My husband is asexual so we don't have sex unless it's to reproduce.

"We're in an open relationship so I have a boyfriend – me and him have a lot of sex."

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