‘My kids were kicked off their sports teams because I’m a sexy OnlyFans model’

‘My kids were kicked off their sports teams because I’m a sexy OnlyFans model’

An OnlyFans star and mum-of-four has spoken out about how her career has affected her family life – and got her kids kicked out of their sports clubs.

Sara Blake Cheek used to run a hair salon but turned to the sexy subscription site during the coronavirus pandemic when hairdressers were shut down.

The 31-year-old, who lives in Florida with her husband and children, opened up to the Daily Star about her major career change.

Sara explained: “I started doing OnlyFans in June of 2020. Before OnlyFans I was a salon owner.

“I had a salon in Tennessee and Kansas, both of which were recognised as award winning salons in both states.

“I started during the pandemic after becoming viral on TikTok and having my followers ask me if I had one.

The dedicated mum and model, who posts cheeky snaps and updates to her 24,000 Instagram followers on the @thesarablake page, added: “When I started I was averaging $30,000 [£22,800] a month and it’s just gone up from there.”

Sara has used her massive earnings – which could equal more than $360,000 (around £275,000) a year – to fund a stellar lifestyle for herself and her four children.

She commented: “I just bought a miniature farm with six acres, a barn, and stables. I drive a Ford Expedition and have a 2020 Mustang 5.0 that I race.

“Of course I would love to blow money on getting a Bentley Continental GT but I’m more interested in giving my family a good life and making modest decisions with my earnings.”

However, as an OnlyFans model, Sara finds her family have been affected by her career – mostly because of judgemental fellow parents.

Sara, who goes by @SaraCheeky on TikTok, explained: “They’ve experienced the bad of it with their cheerleading and football league banning their mum from being there and kicking them off the team as well.

“But they also see the respect I get from people in the sports and entertainment industry.

“I would get judged by other parents if I wasn’t doing OnlyFans, I dress sexier than other mums, I didn’t sign the PTO dress code, and I never will.”

But, despite her children being young, and some people’s negative attitudes, Sara doesn’t hide who she is from her kids.

Sara told us: “I have four kids who are still very young. Aside from doing OnlyFans I have a huge following on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

“I do sports predictions for Egotastic and write for ProSports Extra, they watch my predictions and see my TikToks.

“They have been with me when I’m approached or when people in public recognise me.

“I share interviews that I’ve done with them as well.

"In order for them to understand we have opportunities to experience things because of what their mum does, I want them to be appreciative and understand it’s work.

“My son will go to my trainer with me, I want them to see how much I put into this.”

Despite any downsides, Sara insists she’s found her dream career.

The mum commented: “I love being an OnlyFans model because I can really connect with my following. We talk sports, sex, work, and relationships.

“I feel like since I do this all on my own, I’m building personal relationships with my subscribers and it’s really intimate.

“Being sexy, loving to have sex, and wear bikinis or lingerie is a dream come true job.

“I get to embrace and share who I really am without being shamed by others.”

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