Mum shared simple steps to make your bed smell wonderful

Mum shared simple steps to make your bed smell wonderful

An Australian TikTokker has shared how she gets her mattress to smell amazing, and the steps are super simple.

The mum-of-two, who posts as Mama Mila and has nearly 105,000 followers on the platform, posted the step-by-step video to her account back in July, but it’s still making waves among sleep fans.

First she strips and vacuums the bed, throwing the sheets in the wash and reminding us that we need to wash our pillows every three to six months too.

Then she mixes an essential oil with baking powder, making sure that the mixture is still powdery and not paste-like.

She sprinkles this scented powder on to her freshly vacuumed mattress and lets it sit for several hours.

Once it’s had a chance to sit, she vacuums it off the bed and puts clean sheets back on.

To finish off, she sprays the bed with a linen spray.

When a commenter asked what type of essential oils she likes to use, Mila replied: ‘I’m using Dream Drops by Eco Modern in this video. It’s the best!’

She also later added a comment reading: ‘Note: Use discretion if you have fragrance allergies or pets.

‘This process can be done with baking soda alone too.’

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One user wrote: ‘I do most of these things and it is a dream!

‘Getting in at the end of the day is heaven’.

Another wrote: ‘Just tried this and wow bed game changed’

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