Mum red-faced after realising she’s been exposing bum in school run outfit

Mum red-faced after realising she’s been exposing bum in school run outfit

A mum hit back at trolls after being accused of exposing herself in a racy school run outfit.

Emma was left red-faced when she realised she had accidentally flashed her behind in front of other parents at the school.

She explained in a now-viral video: "I had to show you this because I had done it in the school run this morning.

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"And I just want to apologise to all the mums, all the dads and all the children for seeing my a** this morning."

Emma did a quick turn in front of the camera which showed and her leggings stretched around her bottom, leaving her thong underwear exposed.

"How did I even go out like that?"

Some viewers left cheeky remarks on the comments, saying "all the dads will be thanking you".

"On behalf of dads, I can confirm almost 99.9% of them don't mind! The 0.1% who did were standing with their wives or girlfriends," one wrote.

Another commented: "That's the only reason I offer to do the school run."

But haters refused to believe it was an accident, saying: "'I'm sure it was an 'accident' – 'I'm embarrassed so I will just post about it on TikTok so I get even more likes'."

Emma pinned the remark in another video and clapped back at the trolls.

She said: "There is two sides of this – there's the funny side and there's the embarrassing side.

"I don't feel embarrassed by it because I don't know any of you and I wouldn't have to see any of you other than the mums and dads at the school every single morning.

"Therefore I'm apologising but lucky enough, all the mums and dads at school have managed to see the funny side of it unlike yourself.

"So I'm really sorry that my a** offended you but I hope you have the most amazing day."


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