Mum recreates ‘delish’ Chinese takeaway-style battered chicken balls at home

Mum recreates ‘delish’ Chinese takeaway-style battered chicken balls at home

Foodies on a Facebook cooking page have gone wild for a mum’s Chinese takeaway-style chicken balls.

They’re a commonly enjoyed dish to enjoy with sweet and sour sauce in Britain.

However, usually home cooks avoid making the battered chicken dish at home.

But, it turns out they’re easy to make – and this mum’s suggestion could save you a lot of money on ordering in.

Danielle Thompson posted in the Rate My Plate Group and said: “Chicken balls – first time! Do your worst.”

In the group, where foodies generally rate or slate home cooks’ dishes, members were impressed.

Nearly 800 people liked the snap and almost 200 commented.

Many said the chicken balls looked “yummy”, “delicious” and a “solid attempt”.

Another fan added: “They look like some top notch balls… just needing some sweet and sour sauce. Delish.”

While another wrote: “They actually look really nice, golden brown outside, and nice normal sized pieces too. Well done.”

“You smashed them to be fair,” added a third.

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So, how do you make chicken balls like those from the Chinese takeaway?

It’s fairly simple – you’ll need to chop some chicken breast into bite sized chunks and make a batter.

When you’ve chopped the chicken season them with half a teaspoon of salt and a dash of white pepper and coat the chicken in self-raising flour.

After that mix 100g self-raising flour with half a teaspoon of salted mix in 100g of cold water.

Let it sit for 10 minutes and add half a teaspoon of oil.

After that you can either use a saucepan filled one third of the way with vegetable oil or a deep fryer.

make sure the oil is hot in whichever you choose, coat the chicken in the liquid batter and drop them one by one into the oil.

Don’t overcrowd the pan and cook until the balls are floating – this should take between four and six minutes.

Scoop them out and rest the chicken balls on a sieve while you sort out whichever dipping sauce you like – this stops them from being greasy.


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